Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

Another cloudy day. Haven't seen any rain yet this morning, though. Just have one store to do here in Woodland, so hope it won't be a long day.

Hope there are some goodies in the mailbox from Friday and Saturday. I didn't go to the mailbox over the weekend at all. That's a first!! Nikky wasn't happy about not going for a walk, too!

Already made a few bucks catching up on some surveys this morning.

Load of wash is nearly done, too.

I was lucky I was doing a store here in Woodland. I thought I had all my paperwork in my folder for that store. But, nooooo. I forgot to put in a cost worksheet for jewelry so I could do a damages credit. So, I got everything done except for filling out the credit form and ran home to get the worksheet. Ran back to the store and finished. Just got home.

Nikky is doing pretty darn good with potty training finally. She's about 75% steady now.

Got some beautiful beads, a heat wrap and a bunch of Czech teas in the mail over the weekend. Yum!

Going to cross-stitch for a while now.

I need to make copies of my tax returns and my mom's yearly SS letter to prove how poor we are so we can continue to get a discount on utilities! I hate that ...

It's raining!!

Finally caught up on Glee episodes. Prom Queen was great.

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