Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011

OK. So, I deleted the stuff I wrote the past 2 days as I kept forgetting to send this out! Wasn't much, though. I didn't do anything but list some used stamps on Listia and read lots of fanfic. Felt like crap. Still do, kind of. But, going to work today.
Last night's news was surprising about bin Laden's death. About time. I am finding the reports a bit suspicious and contradictory, though. And, that is bothering me. But, certainly nothing I can do about it!!

I had a nice surprise when I checked my bank account this morning! I already got my tax refund!! Paying a few bills early today! And, getting printer ink and some groceries before I come home!

Damn, it's supposed to get to 90F this week! I'm not ready for that! I need to go out and turn off the gas to the furnace when I get home today. Wasting it since we haven't used it but once last month.

This morning is flying by! Gotta get ready to work now.

Damn. I just agreed to help another rep in Yuba City on Friday with a Walgreen's reset ... ugh.

Yay! I just sold my $25 iTunes gift card! For $25!

Helping in Yuba City got cancelled. Can't say I'm surprised. The rep up there is an odd one ... oh, well. I'll do my own stores!

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