Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22, 2011

Couldn't sleep. Waiting for daylight to bury Candace.

I won this late last night:
Wow! I just won this for free, Very Cute Terrier Dog Die Cut Embellishment Set

Buried Candace. I'm going to go out later and turn all the dirt in that area and level it out and mix in some garden soil.

I just got Daniel Boys album, So Close! Can't wait to listen to it!! He was on Any Dream Will Do (the Search for Joseph) which I know some of you have seen, which John Barrowman was a judge on and later had Danny sing on a couple of his albums and tour with him. I'll share the link later if everything is good on it.

Well, I've listened to the album. I'm not sure if it is my player, but there may be some skipping ... BUT! I love this album. He sings Annie's Song sooooo beautifully. I love all John Denver songs, but that is one of my favorites and Daniel sings it so well! And, I've always loved him singing Everything. A couple of songs don't do his voice justice, but overall it is a very good album.

I'm really hoping it is just my player on this computer that is messing up. I will have to try this album on the desktop computer before I burn it.

Here's the link:
And, here is the album cover I tracked down.

I forgot how much cleaning is involved after a sick cat passes. Haven't had to deal with this kind of bloody cleaning since about 1987 (?) when Seneca died and was leaking bloody urine everywhere. I need to do a bunch of spot steam cleaning on the carpet and loveseat. All her throw rugs and blankets are in the wash. My mom says she is going to mop all the floors (shock!)
But, I need to clean the doves' cage first and let them fly around a bit.

It stinks of pine cleaner in here and I can't breathe!!!!! All the doors and windows are open, but it is not helping! I just came in from digging about half of the garden square, so I'm out of breath already. I went maybe 3 inches deep. I hope I can get the rest of the dirt turned sometime this week. I'm going to stop tomorrow or Tuesday and buy about 10 cinder blocks to get started. I can't fit a lot in my little car ... I need to get a few rebars, too, as I am not going to mortar the blocks. I can't make a really permanent structure back there because our lot has all the intersections for PG&E, AT&T, water lines, etc. in that area for this block of homes on the back row of the park. Lucky us ...

I want to start sewing, but have to wait until the kitchen floor is dry to go in the other room where the sewing machine is. I think I want to move the couch into the other room; move the stereo to the wall where the couch is and move the sewing machines in here ... might do that next weekend as my mom wants to roll up grandma's old carpet that is in here on top of the regular wall-to-wall carpet (don't ask ...) I want to get rid of the darn thing as it is wool. I can't even walk on it barefoot without itching, even as old as it is. It's a really pretty shade of blue, just wish it wasn't wool.

Having left-over mac 'n' cheese and chicken for lunch. Will have a smoothie in a bit, too. I used up quite a few calories digging earlier, I think!

Oh, we have about 6 strawberries about ready to harvest! Almost completely red.

I hate, hate, hate working with Velcro!!!! My needles are so gummed up!!!

I finished the caddy, took pictures and now my damn camera is holding them hostage!! The damn transfer cable has always given me problems and it is getting worse.

Finally! I think my USB hub is going out. I had to hook into the main port to get the camera to transfer the pics. So, here is the grocery cart caddy I made for a swap. It was a pain in the butt to make. I doubt I will make any more of these! It turned out pretty good, though.

Too late to make the tea wallets today ... almost time for dinner and I have to clean all my sewing stuff off the table.

Wow! I just won this for free, GLEE Season/Volume 1 Yayayayay!

Wow! I just won this for free, Nice Rubber Stamp~~Watermelon

Haven't cross-stitched for a couple of days, so going to do that now. Hope I can get a color done!

Yay! Dresden Files Book 10 just got granted to me at Paperback Swap!! Can't wait to get it! I haven't read a book in about a week since I finished Book 9.

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