Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Sad news about Joplin, MO. this morning. I saw very few tweets about it yesterday when it happened, but this morning lots about the devastation.

It's kind of chilly this morning. It's 52F right now, but feels cooler.

Just got home and ate a hot dog with some Trader Joe's fire-roasted peppers and onions on it. Yum!  Stopped there after work. And, also stopped at Home Depot with the intentions of getting some cinder blocks, but I didn't even make it to that side of the store! I got the innards to remake the 2 floor lamps! I'm going to do one of them in a bit.

Wow! I just won this for free, NEW Gingham Dress Appliques

Glad I missed this chase this morning. I actually passed by the remains of this. There were 2 cop cars and this silver car was up on a car hauler. I missed the arrest by minutes, I think.

CHP Pursuit Ends In Woodland: A suspect, who police said claimed to be a murderer, is in custody after he led CH...
Going to work on the first lamp for a bit. Get it cleaned as much as I can. Need to find something to clean it ... and pull the old cord and socket out.

I did it. One lamp working! The old socket was corroded, so the wiring was iffy, too. I should repaint it, but can't decide if I want to keep it the same fake brassy color. That was the easy one. I have to repaint Papa's lamp and find some real brass cleaner before I re-wire it. The pole is black iron and the base is brass. It is about 100 years old, I think. It has a huge ceramic bulb socket. But, they don't make bulbs with a big base like that any more. So, that will be for another day.
Nikky's new fetish is my feather duster and my dusting brush. She thinks they are toys and wants to drag them around to chew on! I always keep them under my bottom desk shelf. Now, I'll have to find a new place for them.

For some reason, I can't play most of my Pogo games on Firefox again ... Had to open up IE just to play them.

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