Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25, 2011

We have rain!

It is chilly again this morning. This is May?

WooHoo! Got done with the reset really quickly!! Came home to some really good mail. I already received the voucher for Nikky's surgery!! That was fast!! Will call around from the list of clinics they sent to see about getting her in next week!! It will only be $15! Then I will get her licensed and she will be totally legal finally. I also got some winnings from Listia - rubber earring backs (and she send some findings as a bonus!), an angel cross-stitch kit, card stock, clock parts, spices and some other neat stuff!

Chobani Greek Yogurt is YUMMY! I am having strawberry right now. I added ground pecans to it.

Sun just came out. I think our rain is done. Got quite a bit all day.
So sad all the tornadoes hitting other areas of the country all day. Still going strong! Crazy weather.

Forgot to say, we got our first tomato already! It's from the Black Krim plant that I got at CostCo. It's a funky-looking thing! Can't wait to eat it! Bet it will be nice and sweet. I also ate my first strawberry yesterday. It was tiny, but sweet! Have about 6 more that are about ready.

Here's a pic of the tomato! Having it on a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner tonight. With chicken noodle soup.

Where has this day gone! I should be making a tea wallet for a swap due tomorrow! I will get it done tomorrow when I get home. Should be a fairly easy day.

Dinner was good. Just finished it with 6 of my very own homegrown strawberries.

There are tornadoes north of us, up in Glenn and Butte counties. Two have touched ground. The storm is heading toward Chico. Thank goodness, there is no chance for these to be as deadly as the ones in the midwest storms going on right now.

Still having small tornadoes up near Chico area! This storm has been sitting in that area for two hours. It is right over the south of Paradise right now and 1 funnel cloud keeps reaching toward it and stirring things up. It is still tracking toward Quincy. Butte College is under a 'shelter in place' order. This area has no tornado warning system since they are so rare around here. So far, at least 5 tornadoes in the past two hours. Warning expired again at 7:30pm. It has been extended 3 times so far. Nope, they decided to let it lapse. Normally, this would be a really big deal, but it is so minor in comparison to what is going on in other parts of the country. Such a difference for the same type of weather event.

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