Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011

Very cloudy this morning.
My ankle hurts for some reason ... and, we are rearranging furniture today ...

We are supposed to have a park-wide yard sale on June 4-5, so I hope we can sell the old carpet that day. If that is all I sell that day, I will be very happy!

I am sad to learn that our local news, KCRA3, is losing it's one and only chopper pilot. He is retiring today. He was a pioneer. They have the only helicopter reporting in the area with LiveCopter 3. He's been flying it since the 70s (he's actually flying version 2, as the first chopper retired a few years ago)! Forty years. Amazing! A new guy takes over this afternoon. My mom and I were just talking about his work last night!

KCRA 3's Dann Shively Retiring: Veteran KCRA 3 pilot Dann Shively is retiring.
These look good. I'm having the apple slices and almond butter later!!
Real Simple Magazine
These healthy snacks are tasty and sure to keep hunger at bay:
Must go pick up my mom's Rx now and mail a couple of things and check my mailbox. I might get to OSH and check on those planter boxes, too.
Two hours rearranging furniture and rolling up the old rug. Now, I am eating a yummy hot dog and then will start sorting through my crafty stuff and get everything put in its own place finally. I like the way we've arranged things. My sewing machine is right next to my desk, so I just roll my comfy chair over a couple of feet to use it! Everything is within reach. I folded up the card table and moved the drafting table in its place. It is the same width, but not as 'deep' and has 2 shelves below it. Maybe I will get to working on my dollhouse again this summer!

I got Nikky an appt. for spaying next Friday!!! Yay! 
And, Martin is going to do a tune-up and oil change for my car in trade for some of the money he still owes me for the pick-up. They are having a lot of problems right now with his disability running out and Daisy losing her job last month.

I talked to Laura (park manager) earlier about the park-wide yard sale on June 4-5, so I will be putting grandma's rug, my dad's car parts and a few other things out to hopefully sell. I need to clean the oil spot off the driveway this weekend! Any ideas how to do that? I have clay cat litter sitting on it, but I don't think it soaked up much ...

Oh, I did stop at OSH earlier. They were out of the planter boxes I wanted! But, I did find a nice catnip plant! I will plant it in a hanging pot tomorrow. That will teach that damn cat to stay out of it!! Ha!

Great stuff in the mail today. A bunch of die-cuts that I won on Listia, $50 WalMart gift card, pretty pack of card stock with matching embellishment stickers.
Oooh. Mail Lady just came to the door with some mail that wouldn't fit in the box! More goodies. Vintage dollhouse bed and cute set of cat notecards in matching tin box and coupons!

I've got pretty much everything organized except for my papercraft stuff. Have to straighten out my paper cart (formerly a microwave cart!) and make it all fit on there. First I am going to see if I can print out some forms for the neighbor to get one of their dogs a spay voucher. I thought Pookie was spayed already, but Martin said they couldn't because of no money when she was old enough ... Since neither are working and they have 4 kids, they should qualify for the discount. They don't have a working computer, so hope I can print the forms for them to mail in.

Just signed up for a bunch more swaps on swap-bot! Addicted much? haha!

Wow! I just won this for free, Birthday Stamp Set
I just cleaned my Papa's glasses and I can use them. My eyes are now as bad as his were! Or, something like that. I can even use the bifocal part, but that will take some getting used to, I think. It's hard to shift vantage points with them ...
That was interesting. I could see the TV really clearly at about 20 feet away, but not my laptop screen at about 4 feet away (leaning back in my chair like I usually do when I am not typing). But, I can see both that way with my own glasses ... so, it may be a while before I need the strength of those old glasses. Plus, I don't think he was astigmatic as both lenses are the same thickness. But, the quality of the glasses is really great (Papa always used his money wisely!) and are in excellent condition. Don't have any idea how long he had them before he died in 1969, but there is not a scratch on them and the lenses are glass. I think the frames are 12K gold! The imprint is very tiny and my eyesight won't read it even with a magnifying glass. But, very flexible like the fancy titanium frames these days. They are almost identical to this pair on eBay, except the case is black.  

Well, I could get used to wearing those glasses, but I have put them away for now. Don't want to get a headache since they aren't exactly my diopter right now.

I should be doing something, like crafting or vacuuming my office ... but did too much earlier, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. I will be doing some cross-stitch later, though. After dinner.

Finished another color on the cross-stitch. Nearly half-way done with it. Hopefully will finish by next weekend at this rate.

Men In Black is on. Funny movie. 
I love almond butter (not quite as much as pecan butter, though), but I hate stirring a new jar. That is hard work. Having some with sliced apples for a snack tonight. Yum. I've never had this before!

I am setting myself a goal of sorts. I had promised to keep up with making art for everyone's birthdays in my Stargate group, but failed badly sometime in February, I think. Starting next Wed., my goal is to catch up on all the missed birthdays/anniversaries for that group and start making artwork again! I'm just going to do portraits with various filtering effects. Simple but effective! Think I can do it? Hope so. And, no, Liliana, there probably won't be any stats to go with them this time around!

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