Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3, 2011

OMG! AT&T actually sent a check for .27c! That's what they owed after I turned off the landline phone.

Got a couple of good things in the mail yesterday. Bar Pins that I won on Listia and a cute ATC from swap-bot.

I stopped at the little thrift store/bazaar in West Sac today and bought a few little things for a swap. One of them was an old Avon owl that still had some sachet in it. I washed it out as it was icky, but the scent is still lingering! I've washed my hands several times! Awful! It's probably a nice smell to some, but I can't handle any fragrances!

I'm kind of sad. I've decided not to do any international swaps after the ones end that I'm already in. It is just getting way too costly ... I've got a package going out tomorrow that will be around $12 to send. Too much.

I decided to pay my home loan payments direct from now on. I pulled the money out of my main bank and went to the loan bank and paid cash and it posted today! No more using the damn billpay that usually takes over a week to post! There've been a couple of times it was almost late, it took so long! I can't risk that.

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