Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011

Got up even later than yesterday! Probably because I couldn't go to sleep when I wanted to due to all the noise.
So, I just came in from putting the flag out and saw the damage done to my garden by the damn brats yesterday. Tore up my rosemary plant and dug holes in the dirt. I'm pissed. Will tell Martin later. I know Matthew did it. That child has a problem. You should have seen him screaming at the neighbor's door across the street trying to break in until someone came and drug him away from it! And, he's only about 5 or 6. I dread his teenage years ... His older brothers are so quiet in comparison!

It is windy again. It seems every time I put the flag out, it is windy and wraps the flag around the pole. Hate having to go out and unwrap it dozens of times during the day ...

I feel lousy.

Great my mom is up and I'm stuck listening to an NCIS marathon all day. So much for the Criminal Minds marathon I wanted to listen to ...

Well, I did too much ... for the week! What should have only taken about 45 minutes took 2 hours! I dug the big shop-vac out of the shed (it works!) and vacuumed the deck and steps. I really hate Astro-turf ... It looks damn nice, but I am so tired and shaky now. Must eat a snack. My hands are numb from the vibration holding the hose nozzle for so long, too. Don't think I will get my sewing done today. And, my mom wants me to sew one of her nightgowns, too ... ugh.

I still need to get the shop-vac back into the shed ... and all the stuff I had to move to get to it ...

It doesn't look like I am going to be doing anything else today. But, I did get the vac back in the shed. I feel like I'm crashing. I hate when this happens and I can't function. Really hasn't happened like this in a while. Just feel so brain-dead ... just have to sit here the rest of the day. No energy to do anything else. My breathing is crap, too ... I think I'll cross-stitch ...

Got another color done on the cross-stitch. Hope to do at least one more today. Still feeling crappy and getting a headache now, too ...

Finally, I get to watch Criminal Minds! My mom went to bed. I almost got 2 colors done on the cross-stitch, but the light was getting to hard to see by.

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