Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011

Looks like it might rain today. Feels colder than 57F that the thermometer reads ...

Have 1 store to do in Dixon today. And, need to go to the GoodWill next to it to get a thriftstore swap. Need to stop and get gas and go to the PO, too.

Breathing is crap again today.

As if my breathing wasn't bad enough today already ... my mom is using bleach in her laundry ... Leaving now ...

Got home about an hour ago. Just finished lunch and catching up on emails. I stopped at the GoodWill next to my CVS store and also SuperWalmart before I came home. Got a few things for the thriftstore swap and some rubber stamps, and some thin cotton batting for the coasters I'm going to make and also more beads. I really gotta get to work on the jewelry!! I have beads coming out my ears! Hope to get a few pairs of earrings made to sell at the yard sale next weekend.

Check out this really cool video!

Still trying to get in touch with Darla. She had found me through Facebook back in Feb., but somehow or another she has never gotten back to me since then. So, I've done a people search now that I know her current last name and state. So, hopefully, she will get my letter and contact me again ... if I found the correct address. Or, some stranger will get the letter. According to what I found, she recently moved to Tacoma ... so, we will see what happens. Wish she was still in CA.

Whooooo!! FedEx just delivered the Glee 1 CD that I won on Listia. Listening to it, now! It has the Defying Gravity duet of Chris Colfer and Lea Michele!! And, Glee is on in a couple minutes. It's a rerun, though.

Ha! Love pause on my media player and mute on the TV. I can watch the show and then listen to the CD during commercials!

I enjoyed listening to all those songs. I'll be ripping and sharing that CD tomorrow. Just have 2 stores here in Woodland to service tomorrow, so hope to get more of the cross-stitch done and get at least 2 pairs of earrings made when I get home. We are supposed to get some more rain tomorrow.

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