Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4, 2011

It's going to be breezy and hot again today.

It's smoothie time again!!!! Made a banana, blackberry, pumpkin smoothie with vanilla soymilk.
I got home about an hour ago. Only did one store today. Good I came home. My mom fell again. She tripped on Nikky. The minute I came through the door - I need your cane! I told her last week to keep using it whether she liked to or not. Nothing wrong with using a cane! But, nooooo. So, now she'll use the cane. grrr.

I wanted to work in the yard, but the wind has picked up again and all I want to do is sneeze! Damn allergies. I took 2 different pills this morning before I left. I don't want to take another!

So, I'm going to scrub out my tea pitchers and make more sun tea now.

Great. Now my mom wants me to get her crutches as she doesn't like my cane ... going out in this heat now. It is 88F. The things I do ...

Damn. It is now 90F. I think I might have to turn the air on! I spent $45 on crutches. She better damn use them! And, I got Subway. Too hot to cook.

Got the crutches adjusted and she is using them! Subway was gooood. I'm stuffed right now. I like their new raspberry/white chocolate chip cookies.

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