Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5, 2011

I've barely been up an hour and having demands made on me all morning!

In good news, Nikky has been very good 3 mornings in a row and done both potties! Good girl! She is getting really good at asking finally.

Going to do one store today and go shopping at the Co-op and CostCo and WalMart. Since she can't go shopping because of her knee hurting, we won't be going this weekend. I'm going to get it all done after work today and tomorrow.

Sorting through my coupons now and then have to head out.

Ugh. It is hot out. I just got home. Put the groceries away. I love the Co-op, but I always spend way too much. They had some great coupons in their store circular and I used almost all of them! Will go to CostCo and WalMart tomorrow. I didn't want any of my frozen stuff to melt! Having the rest of yesterday's foot-long Sub for lunch. Took Nikky out and had her run the yard for a bit. I've discovered she loves to run her energy off now that she is pretty much healthy. She still has a residual cough. Hope to get her spayed next month.

I love Bio Allers Allergy/Sinus nasal spray. Always works! And, I am also trying out Hylands Seasonal Allergy Relief pills.

Nikky is a licker. I haven't had a licker in YEARS. It is very irritating! I just want her in my lap, but nooooo. The little tongue has to come out and start reaching for my neck or along my arm ...

OK. So, they won't release death pics of Osama bin Laden, but they did release the death pic of one of his sons ... Ick.

I really need to get back into creating some things. I feel so lazy ...

There are a couple of groups that I am in that have some members that are soooo needy for attention. The owner really seems to have no control. She'll allow them to really get out-of-control and riling others up and then when she can't get a handle on things unsubs them. Then, the other members start whining about why was she unsubbed. I'm very close to leaving both groups. They were both fine when there were a lot fewer members, but now there are far too many and she can't handle all of them, it seems.

My new favorite snack is raw cashews and organic raisins. Yum!

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