Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6, 2011

Wow! I just won this for free, NEW Sealed RED AZTEC SPINACH Huazontle ORGANIC Vegetable Seeds

Wow! I just won this for free, Lot of Health Items Sinus and Allergies
I really wanted that olive leaf nasal spray. I'll relist all the other items in the lot.

I've decided to just make a run to CostCo and WalMart this morning. No work until I get home and do some weeding and deadheading of old flowers.

And, I have a lot of online stuff to do and need to finally get some crafting done!

I. Am. Totally. EXHAUSTED!!!! But, I got lots of good stuff. I even got another fan, the screen 'door' I wanted for the laundry room AND a certified organic tomato plant that has HUGE tomatoes on it already - called Black Krim. I would have bought more chicken, but CostCo had their freezers torn up and the chicken in piles! No way I was buying any of that! So, I got lots of lamb and pork and turkey.

Yum. I just made a smoothie with fresh blackberries, a frozen banana, a cup of herbal tea, and a cup of Stonyfield Greek Honey Vanilla yogurt. So good.

I'm giving away: 10 Various Used US Stamps. Check it out -

I may have to start using another pocket watch. I bought new batteries for mine. I've had it for well over 5 years. I don't think it's going to keep working. Will have to pull out one of Papa's old wind-ups to use if this one stops working.

Got the new tomato planted in a bin. I but the whole thing in, pot and all. It is in one of those degradable dirt pots, no plastic. And it also came with it's own wire cage! Not a bad deal for $12.99. It is huge with lots of tomatoes and flowers. Almost 3 feet tall on it's own. Watered all of the tomatoes and found out Nikky (who came out to help me) does not like the water hose! She ran and hid by the carport gate until I was done! She'll have to get used to it as I give baths outside in the hot weather!

I put up the new screen in the laundry room. I'm going to have to figure out a way to make a gate or get a baby gate for the bottom part as the door is so narrow that it won't go tight and the breeze is moving it in and out ... So, I laid a folding chair across the bottom for now. Nikky would be able to get out without that if she noticed the opening. Will figure something out this weekend.

Dinner was so yummy. I made fried lamb steaks with artichoke/olive ravioli in peppered olive oil. And, had cinnamon apple slices. Nikky is munching on a lamb bone that still had some meat on it.

I'm going to leave a couple more of the yahoogroups I am in this weekend. One is a swap group and the other was one I really liked in the beginning, but now all everyone does in it is bitch and moan and complain! I don't need that. It seems for every hundred messages, I delete 99!

Newman's Own Ginger O cookies are yummy!

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