Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 8, 2011

Busy morning. Cleaned the doves' cage, vacuumed their room, walked to the mailbox with Nikky. Got a cute ATC and also a grocery cart caddy. The caddy has velcroed straps to hook to the shopping cart handle with pockets for coupons, note pad and pen. I still need to make one of those for the swap!!

Going out to garden now. I am going to pull out the rest of the damn allysum that grows like weeds and then plant some wildflower seeds in that space. Going to put Nikky out on the lunge line to help me. Need to take another allergy pill first, I think. It is nice out. Lots of cloud cover, but I doubt it will rain. It is keeping the heat away, though.

I am really itching now! Damn allysum ... Got a lot done, though, cleared out about 90% of the allysum and a bunch of other weeds. Will be able to plant the wildflower seeds some time this week. Must eat lunch now.

I finished reading Dresden Files #9 the other day and realized I don't have #10 yet. I have nothing else I want to read!! Yes, I have lots of other books, but I wanted to keep reading these!! I do want to get started on the Donald Strachey mysteries, but I don't have Book 1 of that yet. I have 4 of the books, but not #1 ... guess I will have to work on some crafts ...

Working on a black/white dotee doll.

I just finished Bianca Black Dotee doll.

It's actually chilly right now!

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