Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1, 2011

June 1 and it feels like March! I'm kind of chilled. It's 52F, though. Need to eat some breakfast, feed the critters and fill the birdbath before I go to work. Just have 2 stores here in Woodland today.

I got wet! I only did 1 of my stores today and also ran into the grocery store for a couple of things. Got lots of mail yesterday. I got coupons, some free samples I sent for (fish flakes and doggie vitamins), blank labels I won on Listia, and the first book in the Mahu series by Neil S. Plaky from Paperback Swap! Still waiting on that Dresden Files book ...

Got my coupons organized again. I feel so lazy. I have so much I need to do. But, now I have a bunch of auctions ending on Listia, so have to deal with those ... I need to print up a bunch of things for the weekend. I need to get 2 pillowcases made ... arghh! I think I will work on my cross-stitch while I wait for the auction ends.

This morning I weighed 138lbs. again. Last Wed., I was down to 135lbs. Back to working towards my normal 109lbs. But, 119 would be fine. Actually, I really just want to stay in the 31-32 inch waist jeans I am used to. I hated wearing 34 inch. (And, that is men's jeans, so that's actually the hips ... I'm around 29-30 inch in the waist.) Now, I need a belt with those. Yay! The weight isn't bad, as long as it is not fatty. Nikky is working me out every day playing. She LOVES to run. She tears down the length of the deck about 10 times and runs the length of the trailer inside and around the kitchen island. I can't keep up! I really need to think seriously about getting her a buddy this summer. Anyway, she is getting me toned again.

Thunder. I almost wasn't sure what it was!

Annoying. I am not getting my emails from Listia when an auction ends.

I was very shocked to see and hear a TORNADO warning on the TV from the NWS (NOAA's National Weather Service) for east Yolo and Sacramento counties a few minutes ago! That is the West Sacramento to Natomas areas straddling the Sacramento River. It would include downtown Sacramento, north to Elverta. Extremely rare! I am in western Yolo County. But, I am only 20 miles from Sacramento!
Here is the alert link to their NOAA page:
It is the second entry on that page. We did have a lot of very loud thunder earlier that lasted about 20 minutes. So, I think it has passed.

Wow. Just got an email from KCRA3 showing pictures of a funnel cloud near Davis! That is 10 miles from me, to the west. This weather is freaky!

The warning for my area was supposed to end at 4pm. But, they ended it early. I will find out at the 5pm local news if there were any sightings other than the funnel cloud in Davis and possibly near Arco Arena in Natomas. That was an interesting thing to happen around here. Now bring back the nice, dark thunderstorm we had earlier but without the possible cyclonic problems!

Have I accomplished anything useful today? NO! I did package up Listia winnings to mail in the morning. But, that's it! I am so not going to be ready for the yard sale this weekend - if we can even have one since it is going to rain! I won't be able to lay the carpet out under the carport because the edges will get wet. So, it will have to be partly rolled against the wall. Frustrating. I love the rain. We need the rain. But, not this weekend!

There is about a 4-hour delay on Listia emails arriving in my inbox.

The new address feature on Listia sucks. It won't even accept my address! And, the email they send when a winner provides their address does not even include the address! You still have to click a link to go to the site to see the address!

Nikky just wore me out running the deck and inside the trailer again. Even my mom is saying we need to get another dog for her to play with! I. Am. Shocked! But, I had already started searching. There is a cute little terrier at Placer County shelter. But, I am not going to pay $125 for a mixie. No matter how cute. Will look at Sutter county later. That is where we got Nikky.

Just had pea-sized hail for about 3 minutes.
There has just been a tornado touch-down 5 miles NNE of Yuba City. A tornado warning email had just arrived in my inbox a couple minutes ago and the news is now reporting one. That is where we got Nikky.

Ripping the Glee CD. Will share it when done.

4Shared and Pando are taking forever to load this album.

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