Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011

Nikky's up! I sure hope I can find a kitten I want. She really does need someone to play with. I want a little red male with green eyes and going to name him Ezra. Haha!

We have a new kitty! Nikky loves him. I want to name him Ezra, but my mom hates that name. He's not red, but he does have greenish eyes.
This was the ad we found him in. Ez is the kitten on the lower left pic. The adult cat in the upper left is his daddy. His mama is a brown tabby who I met.

Finally got the pictures off the camera and uploaded to my Picasa album. They seem to be having server issues today ...

I forgot to put the flag out for Flag Day today ... :(

I have my very own Ezra Standish now!!!  ;)

Still 91F!! This heat is awful!

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