Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15, 2011

Sad news. Lilian Jackson Braun, one of my favorite authors, died last Saturday. She wrote The Cat Who ... series of books that I collected. She was 97!

Nikky and Ezra are awake and Nikky is just so thrilled. But, Ezra had a rough night in a new home and right now is doing the 'Hallowe'en cat' to her every sniff.

Damn wind has picked up. Doubt I'll get more than one store done again today before my allergy pill wears off ... and, it's already 80F!

Got one store done and stopped at a few other stores to get some things. Went to Ross and found a cute kitty toy, a frozen bonecicle kit to make treats for Nikky and some card-making stuff (sticker papers and a couple of diecutters.)

I bought a bunch of raw nuts (pecans, cashews and walnuts), organic raisins to make my own snack mix. Added some raw sunflowers I already had. It's yum!

96F!!! If it is this hot in June, I soooo dread August and Sept. heat.

Got all of today's Listia winnings & a couple of swaps packaged up to mail tomorrow. Didn't have too many.

I wish I could add pics to this without having to upload to Picasa or another site. Just upload direct from my hard drive ... but, I can't.

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