Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16, 2011

Can't believe my mornings are now spent making sure Nikky isn't too rough with Ezra. She just wants to love on him constantly. He doesn't seem to mind too much. But, her 8 lb. body hitting his 8 oz. one when she runs at him is a bit much. And, she is a klutz, too!

Apparently there were some bad riots overnight in Vancouver over a stupid hockey game of all things! Talk about sore losers! Glad I don't like any sports at all.

Ezra discovered Nikky's mini tennis balls. He loves playing with it!!

I got home to find that Steven & Curtis have been to the storage trailer and brought some of my pictures!!!!!! And, Velda, I have pics of Sydney, Squintly and another dog that I think was yours' but I can't remember his name. And, a whole album of all the dogs I used to groom and board! They are supposed to come back so I can go with them later.

And, a pic of Quinn & Gemini's father, Joe!!! I don't have many of him. I hope their baby & show album is in decent shape. I can't wait to find it!!

I has pictures!!! I has grooming supplies!! I has my juicer!! And, exercise pen, books, and oh so much more!! We filled both cars up with stuff and it is HERE!! We are going to be going back for more in a few days. A little at a time until we get it ALLL. After 11 years. Finally!

I am exhausted and can't seem to cool off. It was so hot inside that trailer as we couldn't get the door rolled up all the way. I had to crawl up on top of the cedar wardrobe and hand things down to Curtis from the other side of it. Ugh. And, so dusty/dirty. My breathing is crap right now. And, have a headache.

Went through a few of the things I brought home. Emptied two boxes. Found my senorita dolls from Spain!!! All in good condition!!

It's like Christmas in every box!! Such memories! But, we are tossing some things. Like a lot of my grooming stuff that is no longer good! Sprays, shampoos, etc. And, some cracked plastic kitchen containers. My mom found her fridge magnet collection. She's happy!

Finally got to my mail. I received some pretty handmade coasters and pillowcases in swaps!

I think I am stuck at 138 lbs. Or, my 50+ year old scale needs to be replaced ...

OMG! Going through another bin. On the bottom I found a feather that belonged to my pet rooster, Elijah! Wow.

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