Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17, 2011

Forgot to mention yesterday that Steve named his kitten Bruno. Ick.

Didn't sleep well last night.

Found all of the Glee albums. Downloading them now.

I had to work this morning. I had a store that would have been late if I didn't get it done today. So, missed Uncle Buddy's service ...

Going through some more of my stuff. Found my pheasant and owl feathers! I went hunting (ONCE!) with Uncle Buddy, Steven & Curtis and some other people when I was about 8 or 9. I got the tail feathers from one of the pheasants. The owl feathers were off of a dead owl that my best friend, Darla, & I found when I was about 12 or so.

I also found the big show ribbons that Quinn, Gemini and some of the rabbits, rats, hamsters and cavies won!! Going to clean them, press them and hang them in my bedroom.

I can find no place local in Woodland that carries vaccines! I just want a simple 3-in-1 kitten vaccine. I have the needle/syringes. Just need the vax. I'm not going to pay the vet for something I've done hundreds of times. Guess I'll have to send for it through JeffersPet. Hmmm. Unless Wild West Feed in West Sac still sells them. I'll have to check there next week. Too bad I didn't think of that this morning since I was there! Just checked their website. Seems anywhere that has VIP low-cost clinics no longer carries vax ... grrr.

Shit. Jeffers just has the flats! No singles!! This sucks!! But they do have the HomeoPet WrmClear that I want. Going to check Amazon and eBay ...
Well, damn. Shipping is outrageous. But! I just discovered Tractor Supply of all places has what I want!!! They don't have the HomeoPet but they have another that is safe AND they have the vaccine drops!! No shots! Going tomorrow!! They are just around the corner! Yay! Kittens will get dewormed this weekend! And, vaxed next month. Going to do Nikky, too. Probably should do Levi, too ... hmmm.

Will have to go to PetCo in Davis to find the HomeoPet Wrm Clear locally. I want to keep it on hand.

OMG! I just talked to Steve about getting dewormer for Bruno & he told me Carnie found out where he lives!! She & Mark are going over there this weekend! They better not find out where we live. I will call the cops on them for trespassing or something. Steve may call the cops on them. They apparently found out about Uncle Buddy's service and she told him she would have come to it if he'd called and told her. How idiotic is that. You weren't invited for a reason, Moron!

My mom refuses to call Ezra by his name. She doesn't like it. And, keeps calling he a she! Arrrgghh.

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