Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18, 2011

Great. Ezra likes to eat CheeriOs! He tried to get in my mom's bowl, so she gave him some and he is chowing down!

My allergies are bad this morning ...
Going to the TSC to pick up the dewormer this morning; then to Steve's; then to WalMart to drop off a Rx for my mom & then to Home Depot to price and possibly buy some lattice panels to make the deck puppy escape-proof. If I do, I'll have to go back to Steve's and borrow the little pick-up ...

I am so sore from crawling around in the storage trailer the other day. But, I want to go back and get more stuff!

I am getting stressed about Carnie & Mark prowling around. And, I've seen Steven more in the past week than I have since before aunt Jeanne died!

Nikky is not graceful. She is a klutz like me.

I'm exhausted. Just got home from the store. Earlier, I borrowed Steve's pick-up and went to Home Depot and bought 6 white lattice panels (4x8 foot.) For now, we are going to tie them to the existing deck rail. But, hopefully, next month, I am going to frame them and totally replace the old crappy rail. But, at least after today, Nikky can play on the deck without worrying she will jump off and hurt herself or get lost.

All done! So tired. It only took 4 of the panels to do the rail. So, for now, we have 2 extra ones. But, that is OK. They will all be used once we start enclosing the deck.  Here's what it looks like now.

It is 86F right now. Would be nice if I hadn't been working on stuff. I am so hot right now.

That was nice. Sat out on the deck and read a chapter of Dresden Files #10 (Small Favors.) Nikky sat and watched the world go by through the lattice.

Nikky has started carrying Ezra by the scruff whenever she can! What will she do when he gets bigger than her! hahaha!

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