Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 19, 2011

Already nearly ran over Ezra with my office chair this morning. He and Nikky are always under my desk!

Nearly finished the cross-stitch last night. Should do today. Not much left to stitch. Then to press it, trim it and find a frame for it. Then I have a stationery set I am going to make to sell. It is ladybugs. I hope it turns out good.

But, first on the list this morning is a load of laundry and clean the doves' cage after I find something to eat ...

Wild mourning doves are having fun on the deck today. Looks like courting. One of them keeps landing on the light fixture right by our open living room door.

Listening to more Glee albums today.

Been very windy today.
All I did all day was cross-stitch. My eyes are tired now. Going to play Pogo the rest of the day.

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