Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2, 2011

Blue skies today. Doubt we'll have that over the weekend, though ...
I have so much to do today. Two stores to service in Sacramento; then find Eagle Outfitters to use my gift card, OSH to find the 2 planters I still want, and Kohl's to use a discount card. Oh, and go to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods! Long day ahead ...

Looks like the yard sale will be a bust this weekend. Supposed to storm.

Only got one store done. The other was having inventory! So, have to go back there next week. I stopped at the OSH next door to the CVS I serviced today. They didn't have the wooden planters I wanted, either! So, I got something different! I got 3 wrought iron hanger planters with that woven brown stuff in them (the wild birds love that stuff for their nests!) I'm going to hang them from the deck awning posts. I stopped at Whole Foods for a few groceries. I then stopped at Arden Mall to find the Eagle Outfitters so I could use my gift card. I got 2 shirts. I stopped at the Mrs. Fields there to get a cookies and cream yogurt and a white chocolate/macadamia nut cookie. I ate the yogurt. But, the cookie went to a good cause - there was a teenage girl and her dog along the side of a freeway ramp. Looked homeless. Had a unique sign - I'd rather beg than steal ... so I gave it to her ... I was in a giving mood.

Was going to go out and plant the flowers, but Martin is now mowing his lawn!! I'll give Nikky a bath instead.

Oh, I got the Dresden Files book, Small Favors, finally!

Got plants planted, planters hung and watered, and birdbath scrubbed and filled. Nikky's bath is next now that my mom cleared the potato plants off the kitchen counter. They were right next to the sink and I was afraid Nikky might knock the jars off.

Nikky is clean! She is tearing through the house, rolling on the carpet, having fun! Here's some pics of the wet dog.

There were about a dozen other pics, but they were very blurry - she was moving so fast!

I took pics of the new planters. I don't think that the verbena will survive. I waited too long to plant them and they were really root-bound in the little six-pack. Will have to get something else.

I also took a pic of the weird flowers that this one plant gets. A white flower inside of a purple flower. I can't remember what the plant is, though!!

WooHoo! For all you Torchwood fans who like the Radio Plays ... Ianto is back! Gareth tweeted about it earlier:

Gareth David-Lloyd
Ianto's back... in three new Torchwood radio plays set between S2 and Children of Earth. Doctor Who mag #435 has...
Can't wait!! Wish it was current and that he was going to be in Miracle Day ... but, we take what we can get!!
Ah, I remember the name of that plant - Statice. Weird name.

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