Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

So tired and sore this morning. Glad I only have one store to service here in Woodland today. Not much of a drive.

Nikky and Ezra have way too much energy in the morning.

Supposed to get to 100F today!!!!!!

That was an easy work day. It is getting pretty warm now. I want to go out and pull some weeds in Jorgy's yard.

Food first. Have ciabatta pizza ... kind of. It is ciabatta with mozzarella and black olives on it.

Got that little area weeded. Going to vacuum my office now.

Ezra has discovered his tail and is trying to catch it! So funny and cute!

Heat alerts going up all over this area. It is 96F right now.

Joining and watching a bunch of swaps on swap-bot. I was down to 4!

Had a yummy dinner of sausage and pancakes. Now, I haven't eaten sausage in at least 15 years as I can't stand the taste or smell. I found this sausage last month at either the Davis Co-op or Whole Foods. I can't remember which, but I know I had a coupon! It is really good and doesn't have that overdose of sage and nitrates that regular sausage has.

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