Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21, 2011

WooHoo! Sold a vintage Buick manual overnight! $25!

First day of summer. I am not impressed. It is supposed to get to 104F today. I hope it misses the mark. I am already sweating and haven't even done anything! And, it's a bad air day - unhealthy for sensitive people. That's me. I'm already wheezing ... I doubt I will get 2 stores done today ...

So glad I am home. It is 96F out there! I got a store done and also stopped at a Michael's and WalMart & The Dollar Tree to get some supplies for the stationery gift set I am making to sell & for one of the swaps I am doing.

I don't think I am going to be ready for the park yard sale. It is too hot out to sweep and weed my carport area so I can lay the carpet out!!! Arrgh! I am not working Friday, so hope I can do it that morning.

Got a lot of fun stuff in yesterday's mail. A free can of Alpo Prime Cuts for Nikky; several handmade items (turtle pincushion, zippered coin purse, zippered bag), tea & socks.

It is now 100F at 3pm in Woodland, CA. Summer is here. :(

I still have so many things I want to do today, but it is too hot to function and I am inside with the AC on & still feel hot!!!

Just made frozen bone treats for Nikky & maybe Ezra. They are chicken broth with a piece of Cheddar cheese in the middle. Don't know how long they will take to freeze, so this is the first experiment.

It is 102F!!

I have a rash on my finger. Looks like tiny little water blisters. Doesn't itch, though ... yet ...

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