Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011

Been awake a while. Nikky was sick in her bed this morning.

Already 66F. Another too hot day in store.

Still have the weird rash on my finger ...

Got Nikky out of bed. Poor thing. Had to give her a bath and throw out her bedding - ick! Hope she feels better after all that. Had to open the bedroom window to air it out. Stinks!!

Only going to do one store today in Sacramento. This heat is going to be bad. Hope to be home before noon.

Early day! They didn't have my shipment of glasses, so just had to dust and straighten the displays.
Going to eat and then sweep/weed the driveway!!

Sooo hot right now. Just came in. It is 92F. I weeded and swept about one-third of the driveway ... On the plus side ... Martin paid me $40! $260 to go and the truck will really be his!

Nikky still doesn't feel great and Ezra has waaaay to much energy!

It's 99F. I feel so lazy. There is so much I need to be doing!!!

OMG! My mom is watching Dirty Dancing. I hate that movie. Put the NCIS reruns back on if you have to!
Thank you! She changed it to Without a Trace reruns!

Just gave Nikky one of the frozen broth bones. She loved it. Licked until she got to the cheese center. At first she wasn't sure what to do with it and then she got the taste and went for it!

Amazing news about Churchill Downs getting hit by a tornado earlier. Five barns had significant damage. All 48 of their barns were full with about 1400 horses on site. Luckily, their general manager reports no major injuries to humans or horses. Nearby stables are offering stalls to the displaced horses. Watching the Weather Channel.

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