Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23, 2011

Nikky is feeling MUCH better this morning. Full of energy again.

Looks like the tornado in Louisville damaged 9 barns, not 5. 150 horses were moved to other stables. Poor babies must have been so terrified.

Forgot to say yesterday, I weighed 136lbs. Slowly getting it down to normal.

Seems to be cooler today. It's 85F right now. I got another third of the driveway weeded. Going out to sweep that section now.

Done. Have another third to weed and sweep in the morning and then start setting up my tables and lay the old rug out.

I have 2 days to get 2 crafts done for 2 different swaps. And, my mom is complaining about 2 missing puzzle pieces and of course blaming Ezra who she still will not use his name or accept he is a boy! Grrr.

Finally going through the rest of the stuff I brought home from the storage trailer the other day. I am amazed to find that I still have the majority of my old stamp collection in an old suitcase! I was shocked to find them. I thought they had been left behind in Florida!! Need to do a lot of research and put them online to sell!! Some are VERY old as they were some my dad had collected as a kid.
Found all my old grooming scissors and cleaned them up. Need to oil them, too.
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just found Papa's framed passport picture!!!! I thought I had lost it forever! In the rush of leaving Florida I had to leave behind a huge, heavy box of vintage books (I still cry about that) and I had thought that I had slipped this little picture in that box when I was hurriedly packing. But, I just found it!!! In one of my boxes of kennel supplies!!! I'm shocked and so happy!!

Just had an odd visit. Wanda's (my dad's friend) son, Steven. He helped us move in here and also helped move stuff out of my dad's house to storage after he died. I've only seen him a couple times since (he has friends that live here at the park.) He is an odd one. Made my mom nervous.

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