Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24, 2011

jjjjjjjjjjjj]8\amiu2qjuqw <---by Ezra!
Just dug an old crinkly cat tunnel toy out of a bin and opened it up. Ezra is already playing in it! Nikky's small enough to get in it, too, once she notices it!
Ezra's having a blast. Nikky is just staring ... trying to figure out what that moving thing is!

Carrot cupcake for breakfast. Yum!

Just got back from picking up my mom's Rx and also new water pitcher filters. Don't know what Ezra did to my laptop, but I had to hunt for my Google sidebar. He made it disappear somehow and had the computer wanting to restart (I must remember to close the lid!!)

; <---semi-colon by Ezra!
Just came in from getting the carport cleaned and all the car parts laid out. Exhausted! Changed my clothes and now need to eat before I start going through the stuff in here that will go out in the morning.

dxxceeeeeeeei981i8u1` <---another message from Ezra while I was making my lunch! The feline language is impossible to decipher! hahahahaha!

Got more of my photo albums cleaned off. Need to hose off the milk crates they were in before I add them to my book area. Also found my 63 year old medical book and all my vet books from college.

Great way to wake up completely from trying not to doze off in office chair - spill ice water down the front of your shirt!

Ezra is sleeping on the vintage medical book. Too cute.

Why is my mom still up!!? She's usually in her room by 7. Can't even watch anything I want on TV right now, if I wanted to watch TV ...

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