Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

Asthma was bad last night. Didn't think I would get to sleep. Air was really bad yesterday. Hope it's not as bad today. I hope to get 3 stores done here in Woodland today. Then have to clip Bruno's nails for Steve.
Making sun tea this morning & waiting for my breakfast to heat up. Fed & watered the critters already. Nikky & Ezra are playing rough & my mom is outside watering the gardens.
Seems like a busy morning already!
And ... I'm wheezing ... and, my eyes are itching ...

I only serviced one store. Then went to Marshall's next door to it and spent some money. Got a crockpot cookbook, a bamboo hairbrush, craft mini stamps, & a couple other things. Then went to Pet Factory & bought a mini Nylabone & raw food for Nikky, and canned & dry food and a mini litter box for Ezra. The litterbox is for the old puppy playpen I have set up on the deck so the baby can go outside & sun himself. Finally, I went to Steve's for a few minutes to clip nails on his critters. Bruno is already getting fat ...

Need food now.

Made a strawberry/banana smoothie with strawberries & cream kefir and Greek honey yogurt mixed in. Pretty good! Even my mom is having some.

I just discovered a section of Bonanza that I hadn't noticed before. You can welcome new members to the site. I'm going to try to welcome at least 5 newbies a day. Free advertising!!

Sorting through all my books and getting the ones listed that aren't already. I have too many books that I don't want!! And, there will be more coming this weekend when we pull some more stuff out of the storage trailer.

Great my PSP has stopped working. I have to uninstall, then reinstall everything. Fun ...

Still can't get it to work!! I need my PSP8!!!!  All I wanted to do was rotate a picture slightly so I could list a book ... Guess I will just re-scan it and see if it will be straight. I don't have the brainpower today to figure out why PSP isn't co-operating.

I have no more large car parts!!!! I just kept some smaller stuff that I can list online and won't weigh a lot to mail. And, I kept about 6 old moon hub caps that I am going to make some kind of craft with. Maybe painted wall art or something like that. Eventually. Martin and the neighbor on his other side took the rest as scrap metal. Daisy gave me a bunch of irises that she split from hers'. Going to plant them this weekend.

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