Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 4, 2011

Nikky is still kind of groggy this morning. And, stiff. Poor baby.

Need to eat something. Then clean the doves' cage and then start sewing 2 pillowcases for a swap due TODAY! I'm so bad about getting these swaps done on time! But, I haven't been late yet, so that is good ... but, I prefer mailing in the morning. This will be mailed this afternoon sometime.

OK. This day is already moving at warp speed and I am going slow motion. I got my third load of laundry going and the doves' cage done and their room vacuumed. Going to start on those pillowcases now. Really!

Done with lunch. Finished 3 loads of laundry. And, got one pillowcase done. Starting on the second one. Hope I can get to the coaster set today.

Both pillowcases done. And, now have a stack of vintage ones that my mom wants me to join into body pillow-size cases. I really don't want to because these are pillowcases that she embroidered when I was growing up! She used to do beautiful work ... But, I will see what I can do and not damage the embroidered areas.
This is both of them. They are going to 2 different people.

Now to cut out the coasters. It'll be a set of 4.

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