Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 5, 2011

Woke up five minutes ago! Late this morning! Still raining. Yay!

I was in a bad mood yesterday due to someone in one of my groups. I about left them all. Still thinking about it. So tired of dealing with other people's problems and trying to think of fun things to do and not being enough for them. And, another group where the owner has become wishy-washy about who to let in the group. Going to stop being mod there, I think. That will help a little with how I'm feeling, I think.

Apple slices and almond butter for breakfast.

Yay! Nikky's appetite is back. She's eating breakfast, too. Newman's Own dog food. She didn't eat yesterday until late. She had some shredded mozzarella and FreshPet last night.

Going to make the coasters today and a pair of earrings or two. And, finish the cross-stitch, hopefully. Only one load of laundry to do. Need to put it in the dryer after I eat.

Need to look in the shed for the extra gravel. Can't remember where I put it. Want my mom to refill the 2 fish tanks that are empty. Will probably get a couple of goldfish for one and a betta for the other.

Almost done with the coasters. I am so picky, I take too long to make things.

Finished them! Three are face up, the other shows the back.

Need to eat, then make some jewelry.

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That's all for today. Going to cross-stitch for a bit before dinner. We're having apple-smoked ribs from CostCo with some Curry Naan bread.

Well, I did not finish the cross-stitch this weekend. The light is getting too dim to do more tonight.

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