Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011

It's Anthony Starke's 48th birthday! He's still a cutie with those pale green eyes and dimples.
It is also the anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944.

Gotta work today. Sucks.
No rain in sight. Some clouds. So much for that 4 days of rain we were supposed to have. Only got 2.5.

Serviced one store; went to the PO; went to WalMart and dropped off Rx for my mom; did not get Nikky's license. The shelter is closed on Mondays. I forgot. Will go tomorrow.

I am having a tofurky sandwich on Rudi's gluten-free bread. I have never had bread made from rice flour. Kind of melts in your mouth. Not bad.

I had a very odd thing in the mail. Mail that had been lost back in January!!!!!!! It was my first set of ATCs for a swap on swap-bot. Four Seasons. They all had my address label on the back of them and wrapped in tissue paper and in the notecard I wrote on. All that was missing was the envelope!! No damage other than a tiny tear and a scuff mark on the notecard. Weird. I also got a pretty flower applique and a set of birthday rubber stamps I won on Listia.

Trying to decide which downloaded music to listen to and then burn. Still need to burn Daniel Boys album, too.

Listed some more mini stamps & a bracelet kit as I have a bunch of duplicates that I bought on clearance.

I'm giving away: Clear Mini Stamp (Friend) - NIP. Check it out -

I'm giving away: Heart Bracelet Kit - NIP. Check it out -

I'm giving away: Clear Mini Stamp (Sweet & Sassy) - NIP. Check it out -

I should be doing something. But, I'm a statue. Just sitting here doing nothing ...

OK. Go through my audio files now!

Listening to Daniel Boys album again to assess the skipping issue. If there are still problems on this computer, I'll have to hook up my desktop again and test it on that computer. I really hope it was just the player having issues when I last tried it. I really want to get it burned so I can play it in the car.

So far, so good.

Ah, the garbage man is finally here!

Daniel Boys has put me in the mood for John Denver music. Must go find John Denver albums to download now! Annie's Song is so beautiful.

Half-way through the album and no skips!! It must have been the player the other day!

Yay! The album played perfectly! Going to burn it now and print out the cover art.

Chicken tacos for dinner!

Inger's town is on the news. Eagar, AZ. was shown on NBC Nightly News as well as my local news! Sad reason to get national attention, though ...

I must thank Liliana for sharing a link with me last month with a lot of links to rare CDs and vids of John Barrowman! I am FINALLY starting to download the albums. Hope to get them all downloaded this week and start listening to them and burning them by the weekend. I am in heaven!

Damn neighbor's cat is pissing me off. Keeps getting on my deck and stalking the wild birds. I have nowhere else to put feeders safely where the damn thing can't knock them off and break them again! And, it looks like she is with kitten!

Listening to Songs From Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom Of The Opera, With Bonus Songs From Sunset Boulevard (1993 Studio Cast)

Not enough John Barrowman, but as always his voice stands out in the songs he's in!

Got a couple of herbal books/mags uploaded and shared. Also, downloaded a couple of John's albums and listened to one. Will get more of them done next week.

It is only 63F, but I am so hot right now!

I'm listening to The Fix now. I need to find something to convert the files to mp3, though. They are .aac. Media player will only play them one at a time instead of 'play all.' I've never had anything with that file extension before ... odd.

I'm trying to get the movie License To Kill (a Bond movie) because Anthony Starke was in it. But, everywhere I look, it is in pieces. I hate joining videos. There is always a jump where they join, it seems to me. I am so picky! Do any of you have the movie that you could rip as .avi and Pando it for me?

Finally got a reply from SAAC with info for Martin to get his dog spayed since he doesn't have internet to fill in the forms. Will let him know tomorrow and hopefully he can get Pookie spayed soon.

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