Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7, 2011

That bitch that didn't like what I sent in a swap back in March wrote me last night that she still hasn't received the replacement I sent, so she's going to give me a bad rating! Because she didn't like my first swap (which was according to the guidelines of the swap)!!!! But, she was the host, so gets to change the rules apparently! She also says I never responded to her last note in April. I kept the message I sent, so she is lying! Ugh! I so hate people like that! Definitely on my no swap list!

I did not sleep well at all. Maybe got an hour in. Have a headache and a toothhole ache (where a tooth used to be long ago.) Hate when that happens. Making my whole jaw hurt. Hasn't happened in a while.

Was Make It Or Break It on last night? I forgot about it listening to the JB albums. It would have been a rerun, but still ...

Well, I am screwed. Because I forgot about my car insurance automatic withdrawal, I am now overdrawn by nearly $50 and I don't get paid until Thurs. unless my oil check miraculously shows up early ... great. This day just keeps getting better ...

I so don't feel good. But, I have a store to do today here in Woodland. At least it is a close drive.

Looks like summertime temps are back. Gotta go to work now.

I got hot out there today. It is 69F right now, but feels a bit warmer already.
Nikky is now legal and can go places that require a license - like doggie events and such. If I find any I really want to go to. Need to make copies of her rabies and license certificates to give to Laura at the front office in the morning. The idiot at the shelter put my old address on the paperwork ... and my new address was all over the spay and rabies certificates AND the application form!

Toothhole ache is back and I need to eat lunch ...

Going to pull weeds for a bit & fill the hummingbird feeder. Nikky needs some outside time, too.

Got that done! Also made more sun tea. May go out and read for a bit after I cool off. It's 75F now.

That was relaxing. I missed doing that since last summer. Sitting out on the porch reading with a bit of breeze. Only now, I have a dog that is happy to sit out there with me. Jorgy never wanted to ... I have the doves out on the porch, too. They are still out, but I needed to come back in and get some things done on here. Plus all the kids are arriving from school, so it's going to get noisy out there.

I am so hot. It is 77F right now, but feels hotter in here. I may have to start using the AC this week. I don't want to do anything. Just reading fanfic.

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