Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 9, 2011

Migraine. Bad. Bad migraine ...

Just got an email from my cousin, Steve. Uncle Buddy died last night. I didn't even hear an ambulance and they are just down the street at the other mobile home park ...

Maybe we can get our stuff out of storage now ...

Great my direct deposit didn't even cover my overdraft charges. I'm still $10 in the hole. I'll have to roll some coins and go to the bank this morning ... don't know how I'm gonna get any gas ... I sure screwed up ... just moved $10 from my PayPal, but that won't show up until Monday probably ...

Scraped enough change together to be back in the black on my bank account & to get some gas tomorrow. Also found that I actually do have a lot of money in my coin box that I had forgotten about. It's actually my dad's old coin collection that I never remembered to go through to sell! Probably not worth a whole lot, but is collectible stuff. Must start doing that. There's also some old foreign currency (paper and coin.)

Got some mail returned for unknown address. It's a Listia winner, so need to contact the person and find out the problem!
Well, shit ... the person is no longer a Listia member and no way to contact her!!!

Cousin Curtis just left. We're going to be going through the storage in the next month and getting our stuff. Hopefully, it's not all ruined! It's been in there 11 years ...

He wants to get together and try to start listing some of the stuff he has at his house to sell online, too.

Need to eat. Still have a migraine ...

Listia told me I could relist the returned item.

Migraine seems to be gone, but toothhole still hurts.

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