Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 14, 2011

Haven’t really been in the mood to blog much this week.
Steven already got the neuter voucher for Bruno. I haven’t gotten Ezra’s yet, but did get the email saying I would get it …
Getting nervous about whether or not my mom’s SS will be deposited next month on time. Trying very hard not to spend too much the next few weeks. Really need to pay the cable bill, though …

I'm giving away: Fall Leaf Address Labels. Check it out -

Made 2 cute ATCs for a swap last night and forgot to scan them … mailed today.

Very nice weather the past couple of days. Very un-July-like. It is 80F right now …

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OK. So, I got Google+. Thanks, Liliana! I don’t like that it grabbed my name. But, I’m not putting more personal info on there, so I guess it’s alright. I have invites if anyone wants any. You can check my profile here: and join my circle that way, I think. If you want to.

Going to take some time waiting for dinner to figure this stuff out.

I desperately need some good Ezra-fic or Spencer-fic. Mag7 or CM slash or kidfics … I’m all caught up on all I had saved in my email. Fic withdrawal …

Tomorrow I need to get more books researched and listed online. Have some things to put on Listia, too.

Still need to fix my PSP, too …

Who should I follow on Google+. I’m following Wil Wheaten, of course. I wonder who else interesting is on there.

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