Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15, 2011

Yay! Ezra’s neuter voucher has arrived. I’ll have to call for appts. for him and Bruno, now.

Spent over an hour weeding and trimming plants this morning. Looks good out there. But, always more to do! I smell like lemon geranium and my arm is itching …

Ezra & Bruno have appointments for surgery on Aug. 12. They will be 4 months old that day.

I am starting to like Google+ because it is not cluttered like Facebook and I can write a lot more than the 140 characters allowed by Twitter. But, I will always like Twitter more, I think.

Auction: Clear Mini Stamp (Priceless) - NIP

Auction: Magnetizede Shower Curtain Liner

Auction: Mini Cross-Stitch Kit - small flower - NIP

Make sure to check out my Google+ (under my real name … grrr) as I will be having ‘some’ different things on there. I added a cool vid there today.

Lined Knit Gloves - new with tag - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

Rare Vintage Playbill - Camelot at Golden Gate Theatre 1981 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

Rare Vintage Souvenir Program - Richard Burton Camelot - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

Auction: Recipe cards - 10

Auction: Floor Mat Clips - NIP

Cute Russ Redskins Good Luck Troll Doll - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

I’m wondering if one can have too many tabs open on Firefox … I have 3 windows and one of them has 11 tabs open. It keeps freezing up and I have to go to task manager to close them.
Oh, now, it’s responding … we’ll see how long that lasts.

And, it froze again. I have at least two more things I want to list today!!

Vintage Royce Electronics CB Slide Mount Bracket - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

Vintage Jim Beam Lombard Lilac Decanter - 1969 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

OK. That’s all the listing for today. Want to play some Pogo and find some fic to read.

Need to make a bookmark for a swap on Swap-bot tonight. Can’t decide on a theme, so will have to look at the profile for the person I am sending to.

My mom is making grilled cheese/tomato sandwiches & chicken Top Ramen for dinner. I hate Top Ramen … oh, well.

Tomorrow, I’m going to trim the Ming tree. Some of the branches are laying on the corner of the roof. I forgot to do it last month before it started blooming. Also going to drain the hot water heater and flush out sediment. Then, clean the AC filter. Lots of maintenance that needs to be done.

5 pm
I enabled chat on my Google+. Hope I don’t regret that … ;)

There was an online, browser-based program that I found a few years ago that worked just like PSP. I need to find that site if it is still around. Time to search. I really don’t have the time to try to figure out why it stopped working on my laptop. It is on my external HD, where I have had it for YEARS and used it on 2 different computers. But, it still says part of it is missing and the Python Library keeps giving an error. I do still have it on my desktop, which is sitting on the desk in my bedroom. I really need to hook it up in there …

I’m bored. No one on Twitter or G+ is talking much …
It is 82F right now. Nice outside today again. Hope it lasts.

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