Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22, 2011

Apple wedges sprinkled with cinnamon for breakfast.

Got some fun stuff in the mail the other day from swaps. A teddy bear, recipe, lots of stickers, stationery, envelopes, a pretty blue & white tile that will go in my bathroom, and a bunch of little stuff that I can re-swap.

Made a sale at Caf├ęPress this morning. I usually make at least a sale a week there these days. Not as good as I used to. Never any time or inclination to update things over there …
1 x Never Forgotten Large Note Cards (Pk of 10) (,75074905)

Got home around 2, which was earlier than I expected. Got done with my first store at 11, then stopped at Trader Joe’s and bought a bottle of coconut water (I’d never tried it before - I prefer vanilla coconut milk) and a yummy Trader Joe’s Country Italian Salad. I’d never had that before. Then went to the second store. I finished my salad when I got home.

Got home to a screaming kitten that my mom didn’t even hear. Had to hunt for him. He was trapped in the pantry closet! Have no idea how long he was in there!

Have so much stuff to get listed online this weekend. Don’t know if I’ll get anything else done in this heat. My mom found more cookbooks that were my aunt’s and a bunch of other stuff that I need to go through, too. I want to get a loaf of bread made and also some pecan bars, but doubt I’ll have time to get to them. We’ll see. Plus, I still have to clean the carpets …

I need to move the hummingbird feeder tomorrow. I just can’t seem to keep the damn ants from climbing up the hanging post it is on right now. They are getting more of the syrup than the hummers!

I don’t know if I mentioned this the other day. Don’t forget to recycle your old batteries instead of dumping them in the garbage. I took about 20 to my local Staples. They have a box on top of their battery endcap display just for that! They take all depleted small household batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, 9-volt, etc.) I use a lot of rechargeable batteries, but I still also end up with the old kind. I save them in a bag until I have a bunch to take at once. They take the rechargeable ones, too. But, none of mine have gone bad, yet.
I take my old ink cartridges there, too. You get store credits on those.

Dinner was pretty good. Had some pasta with homemade meat sauce. And, half a banana.

I’m kind of sad that I can’t donate to Operation Backpack this year. I did last year. It was kind of fun getting all the stuff for it. Just can’t risk the expense this week until I know about what the stupid politicians are going to do in DC …

Ezra sure is getting big. Sadly, his eyes are losing their green and getting more coppery. His feet are already as big as Nikky’s!

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