Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24, 2011

Shoot. I thought I had caught a mouse last night. But, the drawer the traps were in must have gotten bumped and the traps closed on their own. No mice to relocate this morning.

Didn’t seem to sleep well last night. Should have taken my melatonin and Valerian. My shoulder is killing me and my breathing was crap all night.

There’s someone watering the yard next door. First time someone’s been there in two weeks, I think.

Very late breakfast! Took forever to get the apple/pecan bars made. Don’t think I will get anything done outside today! But, … YUM!

I’m having a very lazy day today … Baking this morning took a lot out of me. Plus, not breathing well all night and today … sucks. There is so much I want to do!.
I did get my bathroom sink cleaned off earlier. And, have a load of laundry ready for the dryer.

Great. My mom is putting more holes in the walls … hanging crap in the kitchen.

How cool is this? PG&E is going door-to-door here in the park making appointments to service central heat & air units replace shower heads with low-flow heads and replace light fixtures - FOR FREE!! I just want the central serviced. They are coming tomorrow at 3!! Yay!

Damn Firefox froze up again and I don’t even have too many tabs open! Grrr.

Gah! What is with all these crappy, disgusting movies my mom is watching today! Can’t stand Matthew McConnaughy or Kevin Spacey! Yuck.

Cleaned the decorative backing that came with the 10-gallon fish tank we got from the neighbor last week. I now have 5 empty fish tanks in various stages of being set up. I do need to get filters for 3 of them, but that will have to wait. As will getting fish for them. But, they are clean and 2 of them (that do have filters) have water in them. Tank #6 - the big one - still has fish in it that we got when we first got the tank. I’m expecting them to start dying off soon as they are nearing 2 years old. Not sure how long tetras, danios and loaches live … The 5 other tanks will have bettas and goldfish when I get some extra cash.

My lungs are really screwing up the past few days. Bad air days plus my bad lungs. Can’t clear them out.

Oooh. I need to find my bubbles! I know I have a bottle somewhere. I want to see if Nikky & Ezra would like playing with them. Just saw a picture that reminded me of that game.

Hmmm. May have to make my own. Can’t think of where mine is … another thing for the ever-growing grocery list. Bottle of bubbles or glycerin to make some. It’s been ages since I made it from scratch.

Firefox froze AGAIN!!

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