Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

It’s been a long day. Had to take a mouse out to release this morning. Pick up Rx for my mom and drop another off. Then serviced 2 Walgreens. Got home to find the utility guy was here early due to a cancellation (who would cancel a FREE service?!) He was really quick. The AC needed more juice, but otherwise in good shape. He didn’t have any black outdoor light fixtures with him, but is going to look in their warehouse and see if they have any left. If they do, he’ll be back tomorrow to put them up.

Have several Listia auctions ending right now, so getting them ready to package. Not mailing them until Thursday, though.

Been having trouble breathing all damn day …

I just discovered a series of great vids on YouTube featuring Daniel Vitalis. Sadly, I can’t find part 4. But, anyway, he has some really intelligent ideas about water and the history of its use.
Watch these clips. They are each about 10 minutes long. And, check out his site Sadly, the closest open (free) spring to me is on the other side of Lake Berryessa - about a 2 hour drive on windy roads … but, it is something I will look into in the future. The weird thing is, this area of Woodland that I live in is Springfield!! So, at some point in history, there had to be a spring in this area! There is an old abandoned school just across the street called Springfield Elementary school and the fire department is the Springfield F.D.!! So, where is the spring now!!!? My mom doesn’t even remember one and she rode horses in this area all the time growing up in the ‘40s & ‘50s. It was all rural out here then (it was still rural when I was growing up, too.)

Don’t forget the CD rush sale on Bonanza tomorrow!! 50% off!! Check out my shop as I have a couple of CDs listed.
Tuesday, Jul 26, from 9AM to 5PM PDT
12PM - 8PM EDT

Auction: Fleur de Lis Address Labels

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