Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26, 2011

Caught another mouse - IN MY BATHROOM! Damn thing kept me awake until nearly midnight. Once I figured out where it was I put a trap in my cabinet. Caught it within ten minutes. Then put the trap in one of the empty fish tanks in the living room (in case he chewed his way out of the trap) so I could sleep.

He’s still trying to get out of the trap! Will release him on my way to Davis this morning.

Sold this overnight:
1 x Chimpanzee Hug Throw Pillow (http://www.cafepress.com/+chimpanzee_hug_throw_pillow,96963237)

Oh, wow. I got another item in my Bonanza shop put on a hand-picked list!! How nice!
"Cute Russ Redskins Good Luck Troll Doll" was added to the list "WISH NIK had told me he was a TROLL!" by pjthedj09.

Trying to get some updates done for Firefox. They seem to be taking a very long time this morning.

I think all this stress about my mom’s SS is finally getting to me. My stomach is a mess. Maybe that is why my breathing has been so bad this week, too. I’m stressing out …
If it isn’t solved soon, I’ll have to shut off the cable TV & internet by 8/11. I am 2 months behind on that date … I ‘might’ still be able to access the internet occasionally with my wireless plug-in if I can find a local free hotspot. We’ll see what happens.

The mouse I released was huge. Must have been an adult male. He should be happy by the little lake.

Finally found something to eat for lunch. Scrambled eggs and hash browns and toast. Not what I wanted but getting low on food.

Got 2 stores serviced today. Have 2 I want to get done tomorrow & 3 on Thursday. Hope I can do it. Then, will have 3 days off.

My mom asked me if I knew that Ezra ‘talks’ in his sleep constantly. I said he’s going over his plans for dog domination in the next year.
He already beats the crap out of her constantly and she lets him!

There’s been a huge fire at a plastics company in Fairfield since around 1pm that is still burning! Watching the live coverage on KCRA3. I just went outside with Nikky and I can see the smoke from it on the horizon and we are about 40 miles NE of there.

I absolutely hate the scare tactics that BigPharma uses in their vaccine ads. Oh, parents can give their babies whooping cough if they hold them - so they better take them to get their newest toxic poison shot right now!! Grrr. Ridiculous!

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