Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27, 2011

This worry is playing havoc with me. I have so many sores in my mouth I don’t want to eat. Having a fried egg sandwich, though … eating very slowly …

Great. I just fell in my room. Going to have a bruise on my shoulder and temple/cheek … Didn’t break my glasses, though …

Just requested a payment from another of my paid email sites. But, they only pay by check, not PayPal, so it won’t arrive until Sept. Over $50, though.

I guess the utility guy couldn’t find any black outdoor light fixtures since he didn’t come back yesterday.

I got 2 stores serviced in Sacramento today. I sure got hot, though. Tomorrow I have 2 stores here in Woodland.

Getting a stress headache and feel like I need to throw up. Crappy day.

Had Hardscrabble Oatmeal Pancakes for dinner. Yum. Found in Old Farmer’s Almanac Colonial Cookbook.

Missed half of Criminal Minds because my mom has to watch NCIS over and over …

Really getting into Google+ and trying to figure things out there. Annoyed that their +1 does not work as it should to save things under that tab on the site. Will have to bookmark the pages those articles are on instead. Will do that tomorrow. There are several recipes I want to try that I had shared, but have to save them someplace easily found for when I actually have some money to spend on the ingredients.

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