Friday, July 29, 2011

July 29, 2011

Those idiots in DC are still playing games with us.

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Wow. I was outside longer than I thought. Cleaned up all the Ming tree seeds/flowers from around and on my veggie bins. The tomato plants were covered and couldn’t see all the flowers or baby tomatoes coming out. There are lots! Also found a tomato worm and squished that sucker. Nikky was out with me the whole time and rooting around all over. She was covered in cobwebs, so I rinsed her off with the hose. She was not impressed as I know she has a fear of hoses from her previous life (what did they do to her!?) I am slowly getting her to realize it is not a monster. She ran around on the deck afterward and just now let her in to run and roll on the rug.

I had to come in as I started wheezing. I would have liked to stay out and do more cleaning of the square yard. Will try to do that tomorrow.

Time to start scanning books, magazines & such to list online.

I haven’t gotten anything done. But, I made a smoothie for lunch! Fresh strawberry/banana. I’m out of fresh blackberries. Will be starting in on the frozen fruit stash soon …

Two weeks until Ezra and Bruno get neutered! Hope I have the money to do it and won’t have to cancel …

Guess I shouldn’t have gone out on a bad air day. I still can’t breathe. Had to take a Primatene pill. Will be hyper soon.

Got a load of laundry going. Need to make a new batch of sun tea next time I get out of this chair.

Just can’t seem to get in gear to do anything now. Still breathing crappy, but not as bad as earlier. Pill helped, I guess.

Making tussin sun tea. Hope it will help my breathing.

Hooking my wireless router up again so I can hopefully get my desktop to connect in my bedroom. Then, I can go to bed early and not listen to the crap my mom watches out here. And, maybe I can get my PSP8 working on that computer. I really need to get it working on one of them!!

Got the wireless router hooked back up to the cable modem. Now to see if the desktop in my bedroom can go online.

Yay! I did it. I have an internet connection in my bedroom! Have a lot of updates to do for my Firefox, etc., but will do that tonight. Of course, it will all be for naught if I have to turn off my internet next week … damn government idiots.

Once I can start using my money again, I need to get some zeolite and some herbal oils. I found a recipe to make my own toothpaste that I want to try. I have a source for both, but can’t get them, yet … I’m almost out of the Organique one I’ve been using. It’s the best I’ve found so far, but still has some iffy ingredients. It’s so hard to find any without flax in them (nearly all commercial toothpastes have it as an unlisted ingredient and some natural brands do list it.) I am allergic, so always had a problem because of it.

I am so sick of so-called experts blaming SODAS for making kids fat! I drank nearly 8-16 oz. bottles of Pepsi EVERY day for the first 23 years of my life and was always UNDER-weight. Idiots. I’m not saying sodas are good for you. They really aren’t. But, they don’t make you fat! It’s all the chemicals they add to the foods these days. Dyes, hormones, antibiotics, PRESERVATIVES, etc. Eat real food and you won’t get fat to begin with.

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