Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30, 2011

I think this will be another lazy day. I may only get the doves’ cage cleaned today. I’m still not breathing good. Damn.

Well, I hadn’t planned on going anywhere, but caught another mouse in the night. So, have to release to the wilds.

I am getting really tired of people not giving their correct address for swaps and auctions. This is at least the 3rd time in as many months that I’ve had something returned …

Need to let the doves out and clean their cage, but just can’t seem to move today. At least I got the mouse released and went to the mail box.

I got the updates done for the Firefox, Java and Acrobat on the XP computer last night. Then, when I shut it down, the damn Microsoft updated! So, tonight, I’ll probably have to do a restore and start over. I know I didn’t have that thing set to update automatically!!

It’s only 70F outside right now and my mom wants to turn the air on … gah!!

I have so much crap in my lungs and no strength to cough it up. Pneumonia, here I come …


Getting a headache. Probably lack of oxygen … guess I’ll have to take a damn pill.

Well, that was depressing. I should have done this before. I just dug out my dad’s peak flow meters. I have 3 of them that are still in the boxes, never used. Anyway, I just tested in the 200 range. Not good. I knew my breathing was bad. I think it would have tested worse yesterday afternoon.

It’s freakin’ cold in here …

I feel so useless …

Moved into my bedroom at 8. It’s nice being able to come in here and relax on my bed, play on the computer and watch what I want on the TV! Been watching a bunch of old Lew Ayres movies.

Discovered that I already had PSP8 set up on this computer. No extra plug-ins, but that’s OK! I made this wall from a picture Thomas Gibson shared on Twitter earlier today. I might make a stat with it tomorrow.

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