Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31, 2011

Well, I did my extremely good deed for the day! I took the TWO mice I caught overnight to the man-made lake down the street. While there, I noticed a young Canada Goose on the wrong (street) side of the fence. So, after I released the mice, I slowly got behind the goose and coaxed him along the fence until he could climb the small hill to the dock. The other geese noticed him and started honking, so he charged along the dock and jumped through the gap in the posts and down to the water to them. Loud honking greetings by all!

I am blowing in the 100 range of the peak flow meter. So, no work in the yard again today. Still need to clean the doves’ cage, too …

I’ve decided to sell my bike and the bike trailer that I got to take Jorgy for rides and never did … I want to trade them for an adult 3-wheel bike or sell them outright. I’m going to clean them up tomorrow, take pics and put them on Craigslist.

I just sent a request for an adult tricycle on the local freecycle. If I get one that way, I may just put my bike and trailer on there. Whichever works faster!

It’s been a fairly boring day. Read a lot of fanfic, though.
I sure hope the damn politicians get finished with their squabbling in the morning so I can start paying my bills and get some groceries tomorrow without worrying if my mom’s SS will be in the bank on Wed.

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