Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 6, 2011

OK. I’m back. Did ya miss me? DreamWidth didn’t work out for me after all. Annoying. Their auto-save function failed me greatly. I’m now writing my blog with my Microsoft Works Word Processor and then transferring it to Blogger. We’ll see how this works out and if I still get errors here. I am hoping Blogger will keep the format I am using on this, such as the font and special characters, without having to re-edit everything when I copy/paste. We’ll see!

Did not sleep well. My hip is really bothering me and I am getting a migraine. It is already 66F. So, it’s going to be a hot one again.

I was going to do two stores today. But, the way I am feeling, I might only be able to get one done.

I’m hot. I’m in pain. I gotta go to work. See ya later …

Nice. Came home to a new member in my swap group!
I got some nice ATCs, tea and a cool postcard from swaps in yesterday’s mail.

Massive earthquake hit in the southern Pacific. 7.8. Tsunami warning for Tonga and other small islands in the area, as well as Auckland, N.Z. Hope it doesn’t happen.

I’m so frustrated. The square garden area that I want to make into a raised bed is full of weeds again … I laid 2 tarps over it when I came home. It doesn’t cover the whole area, but about 80% of it. Hope it will kill the weeds off. I just cannot keep up, even though we have such a small space …

Need food now!

My mom is going to make chicken quesadillas! Yum. Nikky is having an ‘ICY’. That’s the word I taught her for her frozen broth/cheese bones. She loves them!


Equality America
Breaking: Court Orders Immediate Halt To Gay Military Ban

Time to start scanning and research to list more things online!

Winters' Tales by Jonathan Winters - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

The Banker by Leslie Waller - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:
Just added a couple of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books to my bookshelf at Paperback Swap. It’s annoying that they take so long to accept my cover pictures!

I'm giving away: Vintage Hammond's World Atlas - 1959. Check it out -

Vintage Ribbon Lot - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

I'm giving away: Belkin Classic Mouse User Guide and Drivers disk. Check it out -


Vintage Jim Beam Mother of Pearl Executive Decanter - 1979 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop:

Not sure what is going on next door. Might be a Baptism party for little Macy or something. Lot of guys dressed up like they are going to church … setting up lots of tables & chairs. The street is over-full of cars. Too many people … awful late to be having a get-together …

Hopefully, they are finally done with whatever they were doing next door. Lots of noise and clapping …
Ooh, CSI has changed days. They are on Wed. after Criminal Minds now. Two shows I hate to miss! Cool!

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