Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7, 2011

Well, that sucks. I guess no one wants to do my swaps … will have to think of some different ones.

Ezra’s new bad thing is to try to kill the lace curtains …

So tired this morning.

Damn. I forgot about the free micro-chipping event at the Capitol … I have to work this morning and by the time I got home and got Nikky ready, it would be too hot and parking would be impossible to find … have to wait until the next event, I guess.

Anybody here tried the Google+ thingie?

Came home to my mom actually going through some of the boxes, etc! Without prompting! But, leave me alone about your finds. I just came in the damn door. I need to eat!

Been cleaning books and rearranging some things since I got home. Found all my aunt’s macramé pattern books!! So happy about that. I LOVED doing macramé. Also found a couple of plant hangers that I had made back in the ‘80s. I just put in a bid on eBay for some pretty blue Macra-cord!! Hope I win it!

I got a beautiful lap quilt for a swap in yesterday’s mail!  I’m not a fan of yellow, but this person did a fantastic job. I think I will use it to cover Nikky’s crate.

More storage trips starting tomorrow. It’s supposed to be a bit cooler. That will help. But, it won’t help my bad joints that are still hurting from last week …

I forgot to stop at Tractor Supply before I came home. So will have to stop there tomorrow to get the kitty vax. The Boys are 12 weeks old tomorrow.

It’s a lot quieter tonight. Hope I can sleep. Hip still hurts.

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