Friday, July 8, 2011

July 8, 2011

Exhausted. Got a lot of stuff home. Haven’t rested enough yet to even look at any of it. But, I brought home the barrel full of Breyer horses!! I’m afraid to open it to see how many were broken … I have a headache and have too much dust in my lungs right now. I need to find something to eat, too.

Have to start a load of laundry. Have a ton of Jeanne’s clothes to go through. She had some nice stuff, but most of it will be going to GoodWill.

Woohoo! All of my Breyers survived!!!! The only broken ones were the 2 that were broken when I was a kid. I just have to repair the legs again. Everyone else is intact!! I just need to find the brick wall that belongs to the jumping horse … I will never have to buy sheets or pillowcases again. That’s what they were all wrapped in!

I rarely notice those commercials for As Seen On TV stuff, but I just saw something I want. The EZ Move. Going to wait and see if it ends up in one of the local stores. I like to actually see & hold what I buy. I won’t buy from the TV. Usually WalMart, CVS or Walgreens ends up carrying them. If it really looks sturdy enough to lift a couch end without bending, I may get one.

Ezra has pulled the fuzzy ball off of his tunnel. Here is the slobbery proof.

The sewing machine is his favorite rest stop.

Going to get another big load from the storage tomorrow morning. We can actually see the back wall of the trailer now. So, we are making a dent! But, still so much more in there … And, I am getting much more than just my stuff. The guys have given me a lot of their mom’s stuff, too. They certainly have no use for the crafts, her clothes, some of her books, etc. I am going to have stuff to list online for years!

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