Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30, 2011

Gotta work today. Just one store, so hope to be home by noon or so.

Got home in good time. Before lunch! Bad air email alert. Got the Coleman Clothesline reel that I won on Listia in yesterday's mail!!

Got the outside of the kitchen window cleaned, except I didn't take the screen off. Will do that tomorrow. It's screwed on … also cleaned the big table we have under the window. It was a mess!

Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011

Feeling much better today! Going to take Nikky for a walk to the mailbox in a few.

Nikky was a good girl and finally met the park manager up close. She was in the car the last 2 times she saw Laura.
I'm very annoyed that I got a Listia winning returned for the 2nd time!! I'm not going to try again. It is a waste of money if the gal won't give the correct address. She can have her credits back.

Got the hemp seeds & HomeoPet Wrm Clear I won on eBay!!

Just got an email from Viola. Foster Grant's main office in Rhode Island is closed due to no power! They were in the path of Irene. I forgot about that!

Got a load of laundry going.

Now to disable the doorbell. Tired of people using that door and that bell. It is not our main entrance. Quit climbing over the gate!

Well, that only took a couple of minutes! Yay. I want to get the kitchen window cleaned next, but will rest a bit.

Shocking! My mom is taking the crap off the kitchen windowsill for me! I'm going to wash the kitchen curtains with my bedroom curtains, too. Might get the inside of both those windows clean today. Doubt I will get the outside done, though.

Got the inside of both windows clean. Curtains are in the wash. I even got the crappy wallpaper peeled off around the kitchen window. It's down to the original wood paneling. A horrible yellow striped mess, but it's better than the tiny flowers. I'll eventually get the rest of the room peeled, but not today. I also discovered there is a wasp building a nest outside my bedroom window! Will have to get rid of that when I do the outside of the windows. Not sure when I will get to that. I'll be too tired after work.

Bad air alert … this is getting monotonous. I know it wasn't this bad last year. I got a lot of stuff done outside last summer. This summer, hardly anything!

Well, hell. Looks like this program crashes just as often as all the others I've used. Sucks. I lost two paragraphs that I'd written earlier!!
Sooooo …
I finished the laundry and the curtains.
And, now we'll see if this crashes again when I paste …
I added a bunch of my address labels to my Bonanza shop today.

Handcrafted Magic Bunny Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/nKy2ei

Handcrafted Frog Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/qibEmr

Handcrafted Golden Stars Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/oaqx6s

Handcrafted Monarch Butterfly Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/naKQ2r

Handcrafted Golden Wreath Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/qgjArE

Handcrafted Kokopelli Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/oib3jA

Handcrafted Orange Daisy Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/qzYH9n

Handcrafted Dream Catcher Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/n6g09n

Handcrafted Ladybug Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/nnqtyt

Handcrafted Boxer Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/pwwIwd

Handcrafted Heart Stencil Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/n0E5QW

Handcrafted Psychedelic Peace Sign Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/r6aZOW

Handcrafted Celestial Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/oaRv93

Handcrafted Lavender Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/nEM5or

Handcrafted Red, White and Blue Splash Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/ooRaRM

Handcrafted Fall Leaf Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/o3lFqT

Handcrafted Live, Love, Laugh Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/oAydMl

Handcrafted Cow Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/oK3jqp

Handcrafted Fleur de Lis Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/oJxxuU

Handcrafted Button Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: bit.ly/p8cmhD

Handcrafted Shadowplay Foal Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://bit.ly/qjwal9

Yay! It didn't crash this time!

Great. Now Firefox crashed …

Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 28, 2011

I've been up for a couple of hours watching the storm coverage. I think they were all very lucky with this storm. It could have been so much worse. The flooding is bad, but not catastrophic. Very lucky.

My head is sooo bad today. Feel like I'm going to throw up. It's not a migraine, now. It is just a vice from temple to temple. I don't get this kind of headache often at all.

I made a sale! Just some flea wipes, but it was still a sale!

Oh, and yesterday I had a sale at CafePress. I still make a couple sales a week over there without even doing anything. I just am not as enthused with that site as I used to be since they changed the marketplace rules so much a few years ago. I make very little there these days, which is terribly disappointing. I hope to eventually move my designs to another site that pays a better percentage. I do have some of them at another site, but have never made any sales there. I probably should advertise for that site …

I feel awful …

Got the critters fed. The shubunkin goldfish died overnight … :(

Reading some interesting and scary stuff this morning that just confirms some things I thought of in the past. I have ALWAYS disliked peanuts/peanut butter and peas were always an issue when I was little (eat everything on your plate or you're not leaving the table …) Back then, the only food allergy I was known to have was to oranges (had a bad reaction/rash when I was a baby.) I'm finding many things that I disliked as a child I am actually allergic to. It's like somewhere in my mind my body knew I shouldn't take these invaders in! I am reading more and more about people who are allergic to peanuts are also allergic to peas! And, to many other ground nut relatives in the legume family. But, I don't have problems with beans or lentils. But, I always disliked the peanuts, peas, green beans, lima beans in that family. Even the smell of peas makes me feel sick. But, luckily, I have never had a dangerous reaction, just an avoidance reaction. But peanuts do make me feel 'odd,' so I avoid them as much as I can. I will be more vigilant about their ingredients being in things now, though. I do find it really strange how prevalent the allergy is these days and it is very worrisome. So many people, especially kids, die from this particular allergy in higher proportions than others. I just can't figure out why there is such an upsurge these days and what could be causing it.

Going to go clean the outside of the sliding doors now. Might be all I get done today.

Got that done and made 2 jugs of sun tea and put outside to steep.

Not doing anything else physical today. Head hurts, crappy breathing … just blah.

Another bad air alert.

Sun tea is done. Cleaned the potties in the yard to put in the garbage tomorrow before pick up.

Head is feeling better, just still a bit fuzzy.

I didn't go to the mailbox again. Will have to in the morning, even though I am not working. So will definitely walk with Nikky.

Cool! I made another sale at Bonanza. A cross-stitch kit!

As usual, when I want to make something, the ingredients have disappeared without mention … now I need pecans again …

Just won a bottle of capsaicin nasal spray on eBay.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 27, 2011

And, so it begins. My mom screaming at Ezra because she dropped her egg sandwich. It doesn't matter that she was carrying too many things and the kitten always wants to see what she has … Nikky got a scrambled egg treat out of it …
Good morning, Migraine. I knew you'd be back … ugh.

Time to start a load of laundry. Then get the doves out and clean their cage so they can go sit on the porch for a few hours before it gets too hot out there.

Doves are out on the porch. Bird room floor is vacuumed. Hummers have fresh syrup. Laundry is in the dryer. I'm resting!!

The migraine is better today, but still lingering like it may spike back up if provoked.

Going to vacuum my room and shake out my bathroom rugs.

Got my room done and put up the big ironing board in there under the window. Now I can finally start ironing my shirts!! I hated not being able to iron in privacy (no cats to jump on the board or grab the cord.) So haven't done it in years, other than material for crafts which I iron on the mini table-top board.

Now, I'm waiting for my mom to find the big curtains she wants me to put up in the bird room and take down the crappy blinds that the cat keeps messing with (makes them rattle at night …)

Bad air alert …

I am so not happy with having those old curtains up!!! We don't have a traverse rod, so I had to hang them on the blinds slider rod. They don't slide well, so can't open them all the way.. I can't get a new rod until next month … But, I also cleaned the inside of the sliding doors. Will clean the outside tomorrow.


I want to listen to the news or the Weather Channel, but I'm stuck listening to another crappy Texas Ranger marathon. Hated that show!!!

Need to make another batch of sun tea when I'm done eating my hot dog and chips …

Didn't get to the mailbox this morning. So, will walk there with Nikky in the morning.

That's odd. I thought I was following the Weather Channel on Twitter. Just discovered I'm not!! But, I am now … or again … or something!

Got a shirt ironed for tomorrow!! And, ironed an old silk scarf I've had since I was about 7. It is from Alaska and has a wolf airbrushed in one corner. Going to hang it over my curtain rod tomorrow after I wash the curtains.

I've been going through older entries in my blog and realized something. I haven't been sharing quotes here! And, it's in the title! So, will have to start doing that again!!

I'm missing live coverage of this huge storm all damn day while my mom has Texas Ranger crap on ALL DAY!! Wish she would go to bed …

Finally watching FoxNews. Amazing all the logistical stuff they have to do to shut down all the transit in NY. Took them 11 hours.
Have a full-on headache right now … not a migraine anymore, though …

Going to bed to watch the news for a bit. Hope my head relaxes so I can get some sleep.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 - 1968)

Friday, August 26, 2011

August 25, 2011

7:30 am
I've been up since 2 with this damn migraine. And, my stomach is really messed up. I wish I didn't have to work. Going to have to leave early so I can drive slower. Taking the Old River Road as the traffic won't be as scary as the freeway. The store is in West Sacramento.

News about hurricane Irene is getting scary. It's bad enough for folks who are used to that type of weather, but NY, New England areas haven't had a hurricane of any consequence since the '30s.

I'm home … I am sooo hot. The back room of that WG was so stuffy, I didn't think I'd be able to finish. Viola kept asking if I wanted to go home. But, I wanted to finish. We went to La Bou across the parking lot from the store for lunch when we were done. I'd never been there. Doubt I would go again. Too noisy. But, I got a bean & rice salad that was pretty good. I brought half home and will have for dinner.

My head is still fuzzy and my lungs feel like they are being stomped on – they hurt …

Bad air alert in my email.

Let's see what I got in yesterday's mail …
OMG! I got a letter from Darla!!! Yay!!
And, I got envelope stencils I won on Listia and Feverfew capsules I won on eBay!! Just took one of those.

Ezra is trying to capture his first fly. I can't laugh, my lungs hurt too much!

Love this quote!
@Foodimentary Foodimentary
"As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists."~Joan Gussow

Not sure how long I can stay up tonight. I'm so tired. But, still hurts a bit to breathe. Not as bad as earlier, though. Going to have some Redwood Hill Farm vanilla goat milk yogurt with ground pecans on top for a snack.
So good!

Damn! My chair locked!! Need to fix it tomorrow. Can't get it unstuck. Can't lean back!
Going to watch hurricane coverage on the Weather channel for a bit.

Ha! Fixed my chair! Swivel & tilt are working again.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 25, 2011

Woke up with a headache. Going to be a fun day. Yeah, right ...

Here's a pic of the handkerchiefs I made last night.
I'm gonna miss that shirt ...

Gotta go to work … have to get 2 RA stores done in Davis today. Tomorrow I work with Viola in another WG reset.

Just got home from working 2 stores in Davis. My headache that I've had for a couple of days has progressed into a migraine. Wasn't even done with the first store when it did that … But, I got them done and then went to the co-op and spent too much as always (they have such good stuff!) Eating a fresh zucchini nut muffin. It is huge. It is lunch today.

And, of course, I didn't make enough money to put any back in the savings this week ...

Bad air day …

Migraine is getting bad …
Started a load of laundry. I need decent pants to wear tomorrow working with Viola.
Had some good stuff in yesterday's mail. I won a nice dollhouse bookcase on Listia last week. She sent along a matching wall clock, some extra tiny books and a little bell!! That was really nice. And, I got a handkerchief for the swap I just made mine for last night … I was kind of disappointed, but in a way that is my fault. I thought the swap said 2 hankies … but it was one … oh, well …

Damn. It's hot in here … I turned the air on when I got home, but this room always gets so hot. It is 93F outside. I think I feel so hot because of this pain in my head.

Oh, and the dryer is on. That might be part of the problem. But, it should be done in a few.

And, my bad shoulder is bothering me …

I hate feeling like crap … wish I could take tomorrow off.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24, 2011

Well, apparently the power was out for an hour or so before I got up. My mom said it had just come back on when I got up at 7.
The power surges were too much for my biggest filter on the biggest fish tank. Burned the motor out. And, I won't have money to get another until tomorrow … unless I pull some out of my savings … hmmm. Might do that. If I don't, I'll have 8 more dead fish … and 7 of them I've had since we got the tank.

I just won a HomeoPet WrmClear dewormer on eBay!!

OK. I am going to pull money out of one of the savings and go to WalMart this morning and get new filter unit for the big tank and new filter refills for the hex tank.

Why did I stay home from work again? My mom is driving me nuts!! Got the new filter pump going and the tank glass cleaned. All the fishies are happy now. I bought a new surge protector, too. The other one I'd had since Florida, I think … I got new filters for my air purifier in my bedroom, too.

Another bad air day …

I hope I make enough money tomorrow to put the cash back in the savings that I took out today. I took out $60, but only used $40. But, I have to fill the gas tank and get a few groceries, too … never-ending …

It's already time for lunch! I don't know what to eat …

Soy Butter & jelly sandwich wins.

I should be doing something since I stayed home today. I should spackle in the bathroom. I'll never get that room done …

I also should be making the handkerchiefs that I should have mailed today!!!! Damn!

OK. Found the tiny cross-stitch I will put on the hankies. It's a tiny ladybug. It won't be a typical red ladybug, though. I don't think that will look so good on fabric I'm using, which is from my favorite old shirt that wore out this week. That is the swap – using an old shirt to make the hankies. Then adding a design in one corner with cross-stitch.
Just finished the handkerchiefs … will take pics in the morning before I package them up. Took about 1.5 hours to make them. I did end up making the ladybugs red & black ...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23, 2011


Quick day of work. Surprised. Got 2 stores done here in Woodland. Got home and had to operate on one of the goldfish – the red cap oranda. Had 2 large anchorworms. Didn't make it … :( Wish I had noticed sooner.) I can usually save them from those. Medicating the tank now, so hopefully the shubunkin will make it. I see no signs of worms on him, yet.

Bad air day alert.

Watching the interesting coverage about the DC earthquake. They are so lucky there wasn't more damage.

Amazing news coming out of Tripoli. Wonder where old Khadaffi is hiding …


Had a power surge a few minutes ago. Power was out for about 30 seconds. It's only 94F … yeah, only … but that is unusual for around here. Wondering if a transformer nearby is trying to go out. Sure was noisy.

Power is out completely now. Neighbor thinks someone hit a power pole. Have to open the doors and a couple of windows. It is already getting hot in here. Wireless still won't work on my laptop. Need to find out how much it might cost to fix that … I don't want to take it apart myself …

Power back on. Neighbor thinks someone hit a pole down the street.

Looks like Misha Collins is not letting the loss of his role of Castiel keep him down for long!
@mishacollins Misha Collins
It's Divine time! My mentor (& erotic masseuse) Ivan Hayden (& team of erotic elves) will launch the series Sunday. www.divinetheseries.com

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

Just got home and started trying to catch up on email and such. I am sooo tired. Started having trouble breathing on the drive home. Did too much today. Got 3 stores done in Sacramento & stopped at Whole Foods for goat milk and eggs.

I won a bottle of feverfew capsules from eBay while I was working. Does eBay not send winner emails any more. They did years ago, if I remember correctly. I need to check my settings there, I guess. Paid at least $3 less for it than they sell the same at Whole Foods, even with shipping. So, that is good. Anyway, my feverfew plant died, so I am getting these. I am going to bid on some seeds and try to grow another plant.

I'm starving. I had a yogurt and a nut bar when I got home. But, it wasn't enough. Waiting for dinner. It smells good.

Still waiting for food …
I'm not positive, but I think my car insurance went down a lot. At least $10/month if I calculated right. Just got the renewal thingie. I'll find out for sure when I get the next bill.

I. Am. Stuffed. That was good. Chicken marinated with cranberries and olives, and egg noodles. Could only eat half; will have the rest for lunch tomorrow.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21, 2011

Already had to track down Nikky this morning. My mom wanted me to move a hanging plant on the porch. So, Nikky and I go out to help her. I didn't realize she left the front gate to the porch open!! Luckily Nikky only went to the neighbor 2 doors down and came when I called her.

Need to start a load of laundry, then start on cleaning the bull whip.

Finally got the whip hung up. Not exactly the way I had originally planned. But, it will do for now. I do need to make some nicer leather thongs to hang it better. I just had an old strip of rawhide that I wrapped it in.

Don't think I will get the sliding glass door windows clean again today … time to start scanning more books …
I need to go through Paperback Swap's member wish list, too. See if any of the books I have in my shop are being wished. I'd just as soon swap them since it gives me credits to get more of the books that I want.

Wow! I just won this for free, **~~~Picture Gram Envelope Kit~~~** Scrap Booker Must Have http://t.co/jO5dGVH

Vintage Creative Crafts Sampler Magazine - 1972 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://t.co/UDlOoE8

Vintage Creative Crafts Nature Crafts Magazine - 1972 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://t.co/LZUS23Q

Vintage Creative Crafts Egg Craft Magazine - 1974 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://t.co/HOORR0S

Vintage Decoupage Start to Finish - 1968 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://t.co/Tb8Jg6L

Animal Guardian/Pet Life Magazines Lot (4) - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://bit.ly/qoKcAw

Chihuahuas Magazine - Volume 8 - 1999 - rare! - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://bit.ly/rrGHwj

My mom is pissing me off in the extreme!!!!!!!!

Glass Craft News Magazine Lot (3) - 1983 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://bit.ly/pZcqY7

The OFA List - 1985-1991 - Dog Breeding/Showing - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://bit.ly/n368zR

AKC Stud Book Register Volume 99, Number 1 - January 1982 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://bit.ly/puGQkB

That's it for the day!

I want to hit somebody so badly …

Having a sliced pork roast sandwich on ciabatta roll.

Oh, cool. I got 2 requests for books on Paperback Swap! Will package them up and mail tomorrow before work.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 20, 2011

Feeling a bit better today, but still can’t blow about 175 on my peak flow meter. Just going to do the doves’ cage and maybe clean the sliding glass window today. Then will list books online. I have to get these piles of books off my office floor so I can get to my craft table!

It’s chilly again this morning. Yesterday morning was, too. Only 56F. Supposed to get in the 80s again today, too. Nice weather. Wish I could be outside to enjoy it …

Got the doves done, vacuumed their room, filled all the outside feeders, put the doves out on the porch since it is so nice today. My eyes are itching now … down to 125 on the meter. Not going to get that window done, methinks. So, I’m going to start scanning books.

Shoot. I still need to finish the bullwhip this weekend, so I can get it hung on the wall. But, I still need to get all the books off the floor to get to the wall …

Trying to decide if I want to renew the stupid CostCo membership. It’s $50 and I don’t think it’s worth it at all. But, I know the minute I let it lapse, my mom will want to go there … I have until Oct. to decide.

Still haven’t started scanning books. Just been updating my Google+ stream. Haven’t done that for a few days. I have a list of Sparks I search for interesting stuff to share. Done now, though.

Warm up, Scanner!

Vintage Book - Pele Volcano Goddess of Hawaii - L.R. McBride - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://t.co/E8dW5b5

Added another book to my Paperback Swap bookshelf - Games You Can Play With Your Pussy.

I'm giving away: Sunset Guide to California's Wine Country - 1979. Check it out -

Rare Sunset Western Travel Adventures Special, Vol. 2 - 1979 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://t.co/aqDDsdF

I need to eat some lunch!! Then, more books and another wine bottle to list.

OK. I am having an odd “lunch” - baby carrots and TJ’s Cilantro & Chive Yogurt Dip. Never had that before. Just not in the mood for much right now …

Damn. Those carrots are cold! My mom had them in the drawer in the fridge …

I'm giving away: Oil Diffuser . Check it out -

Vintage Jim Beam Sports Series Glen Campbell Decanter 1976 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://bit.ly/pTXzU5

Well, the dip was good, but still hate carrots …

Martha Stewart Living magazine (1996) - Lot of 6 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://t.co/2p5R0JF

I'm giving away: Origins: Superstitions and their Meanings - Reader's Digest. Check it out - http://t.co/FfBYLTK

I'm giving away: Enterprise Art Winter 1979-1980. Check it out - http://t.co/steDL9M

Vintage Dorothy Moore's Pattern Drafting & Dressmaking 1971 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://t.co/nFbOziS

I’m done for the day! So many more to go through!

Had a yummy dinner, but there was too much. Will have the rest for lunch tomorrow. Chicken tamales with TJ’s Premium Select Chicken Chili with Beans. And, goat’s milk.

This is so annoying. I know I set a recipe aside somewhere that needed hulled hemp seeds. I found a source to buy from and now can’t find the recipe! It was either on Twitter or G+, I’m sure. It’s not in my bookmarks, either. Nor saved emails … Guess I won’t buy it, yet … Ooh, ooh! I found it. I was thinking it was something else & thought it was more recent, so I looked up Tracy Russell’s stream on G+. I thought it was one of her recipes. It is apple/hemp seed pudding.
Bought ‘em.

Oh, fantastic! I just figured out an easy way to save the recipes I want to try. Copy/paste to my word processor program!! I started a recipe folder on my desktop. Saves the pic of the food and everything. Yay! I’m going through all my saved & favorited lists on Twitter & Google+ and copy all of them now.

OK, then. Word processor doesn’t want to co-operate. I only got 3 recipes done. Fourth has crashed six times! I am doing them on their own pages, so it’s not like there is a ton of stuff on each one. Try again …

Nobody seems to carry vacuum cleaner bags for vintage swivel-top canisters that are a reasonable price or the right kind. I’m going to have to start making them out of paper grocery bags, I think.

Great. Decided to use my Open Office and it works way better than my Works word processor for the recipes!

That worked great! I will use that program more often.

I can't believe that I can hear the Destruction Derby and its announcer all the way from the Fairgrounds! The fair is over tomorrow. Another year that I didn't go.

Since there is nothing on TV, I'm going to watch the episode of Suits that Anthony Starke was in on Hulu. So, I'm closing up shop now.

Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19, 2011

Couldn’t sleep. Breathing is bad and Ezra kept making the chain from the ceiling fan bang against the wall in the birds’ room. Brat. So, I gave up.

Cool. My Hawaii books were chosen for a hand-picked list on Bonanza!
"Vintage Books on Hawaii - (3)" was added to the list "Hawiian Vacation" by metalsnpebbles.

Wow. I guess the way to get high scores on Mahjong Garden on Pogo is to play when you are half-asleep …

I have to get 3 stores done today in Sacramento. I don’t know how I’m going to do it …

Wow! I just won this for free, Doll House Bookcase

Everyone is up. Yay … not. I feel like crap.

OK. Feeling worse. Can’t even blow over about 150 on the peak flow meter. Emailed Viola and told her I’d do my stores on Monday …

This day sucks. I do have a load of laundry going. But, I can’t seem to do anything but check email, check tweets, check Listia (have some things I am going to bid on), play Mahjong & rest my head on my desk.

And, now my eyes are itching …

I hate borders. We all live on the same damn planet. Tired of these idiots arguing about it. And, I just read this great piece written by Carl Sagan that highlights what I believe in.
http://arnett.us.com/psc/pbd.html Or, listen as he narrates.

Don’t know what to eat now. My mom ate my last hot dog bun and the last apple. So, have to rethink what to eat …

And, I’m getting an anoxic headache & I’m jittery from the damn Primatene pill … so, I am much grumpier than usual …

Wow! I just won this for free, BRAND NEW! COLEMAN Clothesline/Laundry Reel 21 ft. Strong Nylon

Gah. I need to get this crap out of my lungs. I don’t want another infection. Just no strength to cough it up.

I’m so bored …

One of the neighbors’ dogs has been barking almost non-stop for over three hours. I am so over it …

Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 18, 2011

Got home from servicing one store in Davis. Went to PO, Trader Joe’s and got gas. Broke again.

Having a Trader Joe’s Mozzarella & Tomato Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette. Never had it before.

Another bad air day. My lungs are so full of crap.

Salad was so big, I saved half for dinner. Having leftover red pepper/tomato soup.

Going out to clean the birdbath now. It’s getting yucky red scum in it … odd.

That didn’t take too long. I had let it go a little longer than usual for cleaning, I think. Looks good now and has cool, clear water. Some of the little finches were watching me!

Going to rest a bit, then tackle my shower. Needs a good scrubbing, too.

Got the shower done.

I think the fans are going out on my laptop cooler. It lasted quite a while. But, it is getting noisy the past few days. I’ll have to go to Big Lots next week and see if they have any in. It’s where I got this one. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll check eBay and some other sites.

Oh, cool! I found one for $3.28 including shipping. Going to get that one. I think I have bought from this seller in the past. It should arrive early next month by the time this one finally quits!

Damn digital cable TV keeps freezing up. And, I have to hear my mom bitching about it …

I iz stuffed!

Ezra has discovered toilet paper … in my mom’s bathroom … fun times.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17, 2011

Got one store done in Davis and also stopped at the Co-op. Found a little amber glass jar that I’ll use for my toothpaste.

Bad air day.

Just got finished rearranging my shelves in my bedroom finally. Still not exactly the way I want it, but will finish the rest another day. Was getting way too hot moving heavy stuff.

I just signed up for Recyclebank. You can earn rewards to get all kinds of good stuff for you and your school.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 16, 2011

Got one store done here in Woodland. Wanted to make sure I got done in time to take my mom to her dr. appt. at 1:15 this afternoon. I hate when they don’t give her morning appts.

Bad air day.

I am so tired. It is so hot. Got home about an hour ago. Went to WalMart after her appt. Spent way too much, as always. Got a bunch of crappy food (hey, it was WalMart and not even a SuperWalMart …) But, yay! I got my mom off of Activia! She’s decided to try other brands. Of course, they only have Yoplait or Dannon there … crap ingredients. But, she is willing to try my kind next time I get it. She wants to try the sheep yogurt from Bellwether Farms!!!!! I’m shocked.

Got some good stuff in the mail, including the zeolite I ordered. I can make some toothpaste this weekend!! I already got the oils I want to use. I still want to get one of those little black jars, but will have to wait a while on that. I’ll just use a little Bell canning jar for now and put a cover around it to keep it dark. I also want to get a natural boar bristle wooden toothbrush. But, the only reasonably-priced source I have found so far is out of stock! Will keep looking.

I also got $35 dropped in my PayPal from surveys!! Yay! Hmmm. Will have to search eBay and some other places. Maybe I can get one of those jars …

Has anyone here made compost in the kitchen? Do you use a ceramic crock, metal bucket? What do you use?
I’ve been looking into this: http://www.biobagusa.com/combi.htm

Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011

Going to stay home today and get more stuff listed online. I need to get all my label designs added to my Bonanza shop and change a bit of my ‘rules’ about them. Then want to rearrange the shelves in my room. I don’t like how they are right now. I should be able to put more books in there then and get them off the floor in my office!

Love this editorial that Warren Buffet wrote for the New York Times:
Stop Coddling the Super-Rich: http://t.co/HidORt3

Yay! I made a sale of 4 designs of address labels! Need to get them all added back to the shop along with the others I want to put up. One of my regular Listia winners bought them.

Just got back from walking with Nikky to the mailbox. No good stuff. Just a bill and 3 mailings to enter for Hauser (made .75c, though.)

Just realized that yesterday was 2 years since I bought this place!!

Just finished making a birthday gift for a friend. Hope she likes it! I originally was making it to sell, but decided to send to her. I’ve taken pictures for future reference so I can make it for sale. Found it in a craft book and altered it a bit.

Wow! I just won this for free, ballet shoe iron on applique http://t.co/Z0FgxjB 

Handcrafted Apple Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://t.co/ARSAvkb

Handcrafted Black Doodle Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://t.co/aN6MN9B

Handcrafted Embossed Pink Bow Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://t.co/MKoB4Ol

Handcrafted Pink Swirl Address Labels - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://t.co/6fB6fx7

I’ve made $8 from surveys today. Landed in my PayPal. That’s always nice.

Sure didn’t get all the listings done that I wanted to do today!
I just used USPS Click N Ship for the first time. I really don’t like their address format! But, I do like the price on Priority and free DC!! Will use it again for some of the bigger packages I send.

Just because I wanted to browse around the USPS shop for stamps, the site is down!

Uninstalling some more programs I never use. Taking forever …
It’s already cleared about 20GB already, though!

WooHoo! Over 40GB free space! Ten more to go before I am happy with the space issues.

YES! I got PSP8 to install on the laptop!!! Let’s see what happens when I turn the external HD back on …

Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 14, 2011

Just got finished dressing the bullwhip. That was kind of relaxing! I used almost all of the little container of antique leather dressing I bought. Next time I will get the next size up. I’ll need to condition it every year to prevent it from flaking any more. It really relaxed the leather so that it is not so stiff now. I have it resting now. In three days, I’ll buff it and get the excess dressing rubbed in. You can kind of see how I have it draped over my messy shelves. It’s about 12 feet long.

Time to start listing things online!!!

Auction: Pecard Shoe Oil - 1 oz. - NEW!!
Details: http://www.listia.com/auction/2302069-pecard-shoe-oil-1-oz-new

Vintage Jim Beam Giant Panda Decanter - 1980 - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://t.co/0NL3Ket

Another bad air alert …

Just made up a smoothie. Red banana, fresh raspberries, 1 T. wheat germ, ½ cup goat’s milk and 2 TJ’s Medjool Dates. Not bad. Should have put more raspberries to cut the awful red banana taste, though.

I just downloaded the GIMP graphics program. Tired of not having my PSP8 on this laptop, so will try this out since it is free.

Ew. GIMP is very much like Adobe PhotoShop. Don’t like, but I will use it for some basic stuff, for now.

Vintage Books on Hawaii - (3) - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://t.co/qxmrWo4

Auction: 1988 Price Guide for US Stamps
Details: http://www.listia.com/auction/2303071-1988-price-guide-for-us-stamps

Sunday Mayhem - A Celebration of Football in America - 1987 - QuinGem's Bonanaza shop: http://t.co/z55cdHQ

Roy Clark Deluxe Big Note Guitar Method Song Book - Rare! - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://t.co/L5eU6Wx

Auction: Recipe cards - 10
Details: http://www.listia.com/auction/2303617-recipe-cards-10

Vintage Stained Glass Lamps & Terrariums - Rare! - QuinGem's Bonanza shop: http://t.co/fM0E07A

Auction: Petal Porcelain Home Decor Colors & Ideas
Details: http://www.listia.com/auction/2303851-petal-porcelain-home-decor-colors-ideas

Auction: Wonderful Windows
Details: http://www.listia.com/auction/2303933-wonderful-windows

That’s all for today with the listings!

I haven’t gone to the mailbox in 2 days. Hope I find some good stuff in there tomorrow morning.

Yay! I made a sale in my Bonanza shop. Vintage Round Clip-on Earrings

Having buttered artichokes, hamburger patty and biscuits for dinner.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

August 13, 2011

I cannot get into gear this morning …
Going to clean the doves’ cage now.

Finished the cage, let the doves fly around and vacuumed their room. Making icees for Nikky now.

Ick. Can’t stand Rick Perry.
Made a bunch of icees for Nikky. Made too much organic chicken broth for the little bone tray, so put the rest in a regular ice cube tray. Added raw chedder cheese chunks to each. Should be solid in a few hours so she can have one.
Also made some vanilla rooiboos sun tea. Should be ready in a couple hours, too.
Then I took my mom’s bedroom door down and sanded the bottom as much as I could before it started bothering me. Darn thing drags the carpet badly. But, after putting it back up, it still drags! I need to go through Papa’s tools and see if there is a plane in there that I can use. Will do that tomorrow. Kind of wheezy right now.

And, my mom is being a bitch again …

Gonna go through some more books today.

Unhealthy air alert again …

Already time for lunch. This day is going by too fast …

Went through a lot of books. Found lots of my aunt’s craft books. Some from the ‘50s. Some cool crafts I may want to try out in the future! Lots of keepers, but also a lot that I will be listing.

Well, I obviously didn’t get started on the bullwhip! Must do it first thing tomorrow!

Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12, 2011

Well, the little boys are at the vet’s getting snipped now. Hopefully, they will be ready when I call at 2. Ezra was very laid back about the trip, but Bruno did not want to go!
They weighed them both before we left them and I was shocked to find that Ezra weighed more than Bruno!! All muscle! He is very sleek-looking and Bruno is kind of stocky.

I got the Pecard Antique Leather Dressing in yesterday’s mail already! Will start cleaning the bull-whip tomorrow and then applying the dressing. They sent a can of shoe oil, too, as a bonus. I have no use for that since I don’t have any boots at this time. I really want to get a pair, though. Haven’t had a pair in years … Might have to see about getting some … or just sell the can.

I should find some food. I didn’t eat before I left this morning …

Just made a donation to Jane Goodall Institute. Just $20, but I really like helping chimps. I’ve donated there before. I hope to make a donation to Heifer, Int. soon, too. Wasn’t able to last year.

Another bad air alert in my email … ugh.

Time to put the laundry in the dryer. I really need to get a clothesline …

I have searched for a retractable clothesline I want at Amazon, Overstock, eBay, Ace Hardware and Home Depot sites and can’t find what I want! Either the lines are too short or the housing is plastic! Will keep looking.

Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the ERS take over our cable TV to put up a child abduction alert before. But, it is going on now. Even the cable box digital channels say ERS. It’s for this baby:

FBI: 2-Year-Old Abducted By Father In Sac: A 2-year-old girl is considered missing and endangered, the FBI annou... http://tinyurl.com/42okhrf 
My baby is home! I had to stop at Trader Joe’s first for a few things I forgot to get at the Co-op yesterday. Steven had never been in one. He seemed to like it. Then we went to pick up the boys. Ezra was bad! They said he was grumpy the whole time! Bruno was actually good! I thought maybe they had mixed them up! Nope. Ez is still in a bad mood! And, Ezra is heavier than his brother! He is 4.3 lbs. and Bruno 3.11 lbs. We were surprised about that as Bruno looks bigger.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 11, 2011

Just got home from servicing my Davis OM store. I also stopped at the food co-op and spent money on good food. Going to have a salad in a few minutes. I got a couple boxes of cone incense and a bottle of Aura Cacia peppermint oil. I’ve been out for a while. (Got my oil check.)
Going to finally make the final catch-up payment on my cable/internet after being behind for a couple of months.

Another bad air day …

Just got the reminder call from the vet about the boy kitties appointment tomorrow. Snip. Snip.

Changed my mind about lunch. I am having a Rocky Dogs Uncured Chicken hot dog and organic bell pepper strips on Alvarado St. Bakery Sprouted hot dog bun with TJ’s salt and pepper Ridge chips. Yum.

My mom has the AC on too low. I’m freezing!

Just bought some powdered zeolite on eBay to use in making my own toothpaste!!
Darn. I will have to wait to buy the Miron glass container I want for it. Nearly $20 for it! Will try to get it next month.

Well, I didn’t get Ezra a bath today as I should have. Too cold in here with the damn AC on.

Got some pics of Ez playing with bubbles. Nikky still refuses.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011

Just got home from servicing my Dixon store. Need to decide what I want for lunch. Got some nice stationery from a swap in yesterday’s mail. And, a Honey Nut CheeriOs sample and coupon for my mom.

Just got an Unhealthy Air Alert. Great …

I am getting so tired of missing the end of auctions! I missed out on some nice dollhouse furniture again … I need to start using my timers again.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 9, 2011

OK. I must be getting deafer or I slept really hard. I won’t know for sure until I leave for work, but this is either in this park or the one across the street.

Woodland Mobile Home Destroyed By Flames: A Woodland man says he lost everything after a fire destroyed his mobi...

Long day. Just got home. Serviced 2 stores, stopped at Fry’s and bought a new USB hub, and to TJ’s for some milk and coconut milk.
Discovered that the fire was in this park. Two blocks away. Why didn’t we hear sirens?

I need food …

I have been dealing with an absolute idiot on Listia since Wednesday. I’m over her. Told her to click the refund credits button. I am going to be so pissed if she gives me negative feedback!!! I contacted Listia about it, too. As soon as I am done with her, I am blocking her!

Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011

Got a load of laundry going. Vacuumed the bird room. Started filling the 10-gallon rectangle tank. Got some cute pics of Ezra stalking the fish.

Outside time is done. Tied up the biggest lavender bush that had gotten top-heavy. Moved the 3 big bins of tomato plants from behind the trailer into Jorgy’s yard along the fence. They weren’t doing that good where they were and we weren’t keeping a good eye on them every day like we should. Now, we can. And they are getting more sun, too.

Took Ezra outside on the leash for a few minutes. Scary stuff. Will take pics tomorrow. Forgot to take the camera out with us today. He liked the sunshine and sniffing flowers, but not sure of the steps or the dirt.

Need to go through a couple of bins in my closet. Need to find a part to my desktop speakers …

Well, I couldn’t find them. I was looking for the metal stands for the old speakers to sit on the desk. I just have them laying on their sides right now … Will have to rig something else if I can’t find them.

Trying to upload movies to 4Shared and Pando at the same time is taking FOREVER!

Just realized September seems to be one of my peak months for bills. The house insurance, my website, Pando and MagicJack all come due at once! Ugh.

Huh. I didn’t hear a thing and this is just down the street from me …

3 Die In Fiery Five-Vehicle Crash On I-5: Five vehicles were involved in a deadly crash on I-5 in Yolo County, o...

Just found a box of kitchen gadgets that my mom had put out for the garbage!! She can really piss me off sometimes. I can sell this stuff or put it on Listia. Or, take it to GoodWill at the least … Nothing wrong with any of it … grrr.

Cleaned under my bathroom cabinet and scrubbed the sink. Thing is impossible to clean. Vacuumed the floor, too.

My eyes have been itching all day. Damn allergies.

KCRA3 chopper is still hovering overhead filming the wreckage from that fiery crash from earlier. Odd that I never heard sirens or explosions or anything like that. The back-up on the freeway is about 2 miles long from what they are reporting.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 7, 2011

Feel like I’m in slow-motion today. But, getting ready to go to the pet shop with Ezra to hopefully get him a comfortable harness small enough that he can’t get out of it. Might get a couple of fish, too. Will take Nikky along for the ride.

Got everything I wanted at Pet Extreme. Although, they didn’t have any ferret vest harnesses like I wanted, I did find a XXS dog harness that works for Ezra until he is full grown and I can use the harnesses I already have. It is black with flames and has a little black rubber piece that holds the leash clip. He is wearing it now and flopping around the house crying until he gets used to it. Got Nikky a new red vest harness. Got a gorgeous purple male betta and 2 goldfish (a red cap oranda and a very pretty shubunkin.) The fish are adjusting to their tank temps before we release them into their new tanks. And, my mom didn’t find any cat toys she wanted to get for Ezzie.

Just made fresh watermelon lemonaid from this simple recipe:
It turned out really good. I used about a half tablespoon of agave. It made enough to fill 2-12 oz. mugs. Having a mix of pine nuts, cashews, raisins and banana chips, too.

Damn. Can’t believe I missed out on 2 good Listia auctions while making lemonade. They both ended before I did my last-second bid that I usually do …

Took pics of the new fish and the old earlier. The betta is actually a deep purple with an almost black head, but the lighting makes him look dark blue.

I still have 3 other fish tanks to fill. They all need filters and one needs a lid/light fixture. They will get filled with water soon, but it will be a while before they are outfitted and ready for fish. I think my mom wants to make one of them a terrarium, though.

I need a new USB hub. Mine keeps acting up.

Pine nuts are sooo good.

Tomorrow, I am going to make a strawberry lemonade recipe I found.

For dinner, I am making a yummy-looking tomato/mozzarella quesadilla with basil salad. I’ve been wanting to make it for a while. Saved the recipe sometime back.

I just realized I did not take an allergy pill this morning, or even any astragalus! Doing pretty good, too. I even blew bubbles for Ezra for a few minutes to distract him from his evil harness.

Can’t believe my mom said Neil Patrick Harris is still cute! There was a commercial for his series on a bit ago. He’ll always be little Doogie Howser!

I have two new swaps up on my Swap-Bot group. One is emailing a pet treat recipe your pet loves and the other is to make 2 hotpads with animal-patterned fabric. Check them out!
QuinGem's Precious Menagerie Swaps

5:30 pm
I am stuffed. The next time I make this recipe, I will half it. Having the rest for lunch tomorrow. The quesadillas were yummy, the salad - not so much. I am not used to eating fresh basil. Clipped it off our own plant, too. I guess it is an acquired taste.

Ezra just noticed the goldfish. My mom put a chair next to the tank. By the time I got the camera, he was bored and jumped down! Hope I can get a pic tomorrow!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 6, 2011

OMG! Licence to Kill is a horrible, horrible movie. THE ONLY bright spot really was little Truman Lodge (Anthony Starke)!! I turned it off when he was killed. It took nearly half the movie for him to even appear … I was so bored by then, that I really perked up. He was soooo cute and young … of course, he’s still cute!

Also got a Glee CD burned last night. Will share it with you all later today.

Just took Nikky out. We have a new hummer visiting our feeder. A young female (she’s slightly smaller than the usual female that visits.) Saw her yesterday afternoon for the first time. She’s very brave. Didn’t even move from the perch when Nikky stormed off the deck to potty.

Sucks about so many members of Seal Team 6 being killed today (and any others that get killed in the so-called ‘wars‘ we are in.) Such a waste.

Went to the PO and bank this morning. Then ran in to the Dollar Tree and got a bottle of bubbles to play with Nikky & Ezra later. Came home and cleaned the doves’ cage and let them fly a bit. Vacuumed that room. So many feathers and bird seed on the floor. They are out on the porch right now getting some ‘fresh’ air and sunshine.

Time to eat.

Gah. Where has the day gone! Have to leave in 2 hours for the shots clinic.

Played bubbles with Ezra. He had a blast and is still meowing and hunting for them! Nikky wasn’t thrilled and hid behind my back! Will play again tomorrow and hope to take pics.

I looked up the care of bullwhips as I inherited one with all of Jeanne’s stuff. Why she had it, I have no idea. I want to hang it on my office wall with all my other Western/Native American stuff. But, it is old and dry and I want to straighten it out without cracking the leather. So, I need to get some cream leather dressing to soften it.

I just ordered a small canister of Pecard Antique Leather Dressing from the company website. Should be enough to do the whole whip with some left over.

Decisions, decisions. Do I want to burn Licence to Kill or not. Crappy movie, but I may want to make some screenshots in the future of Anthony Starke to make artwork … Hmmmm. I want to move it from the laptop to the external HD and it refuses. Not sure why. Might try to burn it to a DVD-RW as a temp fix. If it will burn. Will try tomorrow. Have to get ready to leave now. Putting ice packs under the bedding in the crate to keep Ezra and Bruno somewhat cool.

Whew! Just got home from the clinic. Both boys were very good for their shots. And, Levi came along for the ride and tried to make friends with a very unusual-looking red dapple dachshund behind us. Ezra will have another bath tomorrow to get the smoke smell off of him from being at Steve’s and being in the crate with Bruno. Stinky.
Next Friday is neuter day!!

Pet Factory didn’t have any ferret harnesses, so may take Ezra for a ride tomorrow to Pet Extreme.

Just finished watching A Boy & His Dog. Haven’t seen it for years. Don Johnson sure was a cutie. I don’t think I will keep this one, but I will share it tomorrow.

Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5, 2011

What a busy morning! Took my mom to a dr. appt. at 7:45am; dropped her off so I could pick up a couple of donuts at BelAir and check to see if my new bank had my new ATM card there. They weren’t even open yet! Drove back to see if my mom was done and she was out on the sidewalk waiting for me! They had changed her appt. to 8/16 without even the courtesy of calling!!!!! So, she was waiting for me the whole time! Then, we drove to Davis to Trader Joe’s & spent too much money. Came back to Woodland and stopped at BelAir to pick up a few things that TJ’s doesn’t carry and did get my ATM card as the bank was open by then. Spent more money … Just got home and put everything away and now eating a yummy lunch of TJ’s Country Italian Salad. So good!

Bad stuff in the mail … it is time for the home insurance for the year. I think it went way up since last year. Will have to check my files. Will have to pay it in 4 monthly installments. I did get a sample packet of Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil soft gels, though. So, that was good. Came with a $2 coupon, too!

Cool. The yellow vintage earrings were chosen for a hand-picked list on Bonanza (they were picked for a collection last week.) Now if someone would just buy the damn things!

Burned Glee’s Meet The Warblers to CD last night. Listened to it in the car. Love Chris Colfer singing “Blackbird.” Love his voice.

Will burn another Glee album tonight. Trying to decide which it will be. I have six more to burn! And, that’s just the ones I’ve downloaded. I think there are others!

While we were gone, Ezra got on my desk (again) and chewed the end off of my stick incense! Brat.

Catching up on surveys now.

Really should be doing something … Will have to go to my old bank in the morning and put some cash in to cover the car ins. when it is taken next week. I made sure to save $12 back for Ezra’s rabies shot tomorrow afternoon. I dread doing that, as it will be so hot by then. And, he’ll be in the crate with his brother … Luckily, it doesn’t take long and the pet shop is around the corner, so it will be a quick trip. I do want to check the harnesses there, too. I can use one of the CC for that, if I find one that will fit him.

I guess I will clip nails and then give baths before I put it off any more …

Baths are done. Water mess around the kitchen sink cleaned up. They were both very good. It was Ezzie’s first bath. He wasn’t sure what was going on. His feet are huge. Glad he is getting neutered next week. Maybe he won’t grow into them! He’ll be too heavy for me to give him a bath in the sink if he does! Lots of pics taken after the bath & they were nearly dry. Damn camera eats batteries! Had to find more before I could take the pics.
Here’s a couple:

WTF did Picasa do to my photo albums!! All the pics are totally mixed and not in order any more!! I want to scream. And, the new pics I just added are mixed in randomly! I tried to sort it by oldest first or newest first and it just mixes them up more! Crap.
Anyway, here they are …

Trying to figure out how to get Windows Media Player to override GOM Player as the default player. Don’t know why GOM took over a while back … just can’t remember how to do that right now without removing GOM entirely …

Had a TJ’s Bean & Rice Burrito for dinner. Not bad. Will have the other one with the rest of the salad I had earlier for lunch tomorrow.
I am nearly out of room on this computer. Only about 3GB left out of 147 … and not enough room on my external HD to move much. So, I am moving most of the music files to the desktop in my room to burn them during the next week. And, need to try to start watching all the movies, etc. on here to see which of those I want to keep and burn. So much to do in a short time. I want to clear at least 50GB this weekend, if I can.

Well, I’ve gotten it up to 10GB available … 40 to go! I’m going to have to take the external HD to my room and transfer some of the movies I can’t fit on the jump drives. Will do that tonight. That should make quite a bit of room on there so I can move the rest of the movies off of this laptop … What a chore. I won’t let things get so backed up in the future! I have a ton of movies and TV shows on the external HD that is hooked up to the TV, too …

Yay! 20GB of room! 30 more to go, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Time for the Daily Show.

I’ve decided to buy another cable modem for the computer in my bedroom. The wireless doesn’t always work well. I have a wireless G router. I really need a wireless N which would have more signal strength. But, I think I will get another modem first. Hopefully, I can get the same as the one I am using in here (my office/living room.)

Tried a red banana after dinner. Ummm. Yuck. Glad we only got a tiny bunch. I’ll use the rest as smoothie base.

Having some organic banana chips now, though. I really don’t like bananas as a rule, but I need to eat them for the nutrition of them. So, I try different things with them. So far, the best is as a smoothie base …

Going to watch License To Kill that I have had on the computer for a while. I don’t think I have ever seen it, but Anthony Starke was in it ten years before Mag7 and I am slowly collecting everything he was ever in.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4, 2011

Have so much to do before I leave for work this morning. I need to get all the Listia winnings packaged to mail. And, I have 2 stats I want to make. I made some artwork last night from a pic of Eric Close. It was a promo for his short-lived Chaos series.

It’s a modern Vin Tanner!! Where are the rest of the Seven! I need to make a series of stats, I think … hmmm. I do already have an Ezra Standish stat I made a couple years ago …

Today was a VERY quick work day! The first WM store was an incomplete as they had an old display that the new graphics did not go to and the second had already put up the graphics. So, the WM are serviced for another year or whenever they want something from us, I guess. We don’t do regular service on our displays in those stores as their people usually do it.
Then, I stopped at the Social Services to ask a question about these forms I have to fill out for my mom to keep getting Medi-Cal. That only took a few minutes. Need to mail the forms tomorrow.

Need food now.

I need to make Nikky more ‘icee’ treats. She only has 2 little cheese/broth bones left. She loves them! Need to buy more cheese tomorrow.

I used up all my cone incense. Have to start on all my sticks. I don’t like them as well, but need to use them up!! I have strawberry and some others.

Dinner! Pork short ribs on the rotisserie and some white rice. Simple, but good.

I’ve decided to put a CD or DVD file on my jump drive each day to burn on my desktop in my room at night since it has the burning programs I prefer to use. The ones I couldn’t get to work on this computer for some reason. Power2Go Express is my favorite.

I’ve started watching Jon Stewart’s Daily show. I used to watch it years ago, but not regularly and still occasionally watch clips online. But, I am watching it on TV now. I have watched a couple of eps of the Colbert Report which follows it and don’t really like it as well.

“Scars remind us where we’ve been. They don’t have to dictate where we’re going.” - David Rossi, Criminal Minds

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011

I am thrilled to say that my mom’s SS was in my bank account on time! I’ve paid half my bills online already and will pay the other half when I go out to work in a couple hours. I’m broke again, but that’s nothing new! I do have some money left to go grocery shopping on Friday after my mom’s dr. appt.

I am very dizzy this morning …

Caught 2 more mice overnight …

What another lazy damn day. Got all the bills paid!!! Released the 2 mice and got a store serviced all before noon. I’ve just been reading fanfic and health articles since. Oh, and did a load of laundry.

Taking Ezra and Bruno to the shots clinic on Sat. Steven wants to take Levi, too. He thinks Levi needs a Lepto booster. He’s 12. He doesn’t. But, he’s not my dog any more. I’m going to get Ezra a ferret harness, so he can start going outside.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2, 2011

Well, I got one store done. Just couldn’t get to the other one. Will do it tomorrow. I do feel better today, but still a bit dizzy & wheezy.
Got home to find the debt thing is done and Obama signed it into law. So, I can pay bills tomorrow!!
I got a $25 Macy’s gift card and $12 from a couple of the survey groups in the mail, so that is always a help.

Need fooooood.

Have a bunch of auctions ending on Listia now. At least I will be able to mail them, now!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011

OK. I just took a chance and spent $50 on groceries. Hopefully, I won’t regret that if my mom doesn’t get her SS dep. on Wed. I still have enough to pay my loan on time, but still don’t have enough for anything else …
I know that the House passed the debt bill, but we still have to wait for the Senate to vote tomorrow and then Obama probably won’t get his copy to sign until later in the day. That’s if the Senate doesn’t go against the House!

My breathing is really bad today. Couldn’t blow above 150 on the meter this morning. Blew 250 a bit ago. Have to work tomorrow (the next three days, really) and off again on Friday as my mom has a dr. appt. I think I’m getting a low-oxygen headache again. At least they don’t last like my migraines when I get them. Have to start doing breathing exercises again. I’ve gotten really lazy about doing them and my other chair exercises …