Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12, 2011

Well, the little boys are at the vet’s getting snipped now. Hopefully, they will be ready when I call at 2. Ezra was very laid back about the trip, but Bruno did not want to go!
They weighed them both before we left them and I was shocked to find that Ezra weighed more than Bruno!! All muscle! He is very sleek-looking and Bruno is kind of stocky.

I got the Pecard Antique Leather Dressing in yesterday’s mail already! Will start cleaning the bull-whip tomorrow and then applying the dressing. They sent a can of shoe oil, too, as a bonus. I have no use for that since I don’t have any boots at this time. I really want to get a pair, though. Haven’t had a pair in years … Might have to see about getting some … or just sell the can.

I should find some food. I didn’t eat before I left this morning …

Just made a donation to Jane Goodall Institute. Just $20, but I really like helping chimps. I’ve donated there before. I hope to make a donation to Heifer, Int. soon, too. Wasn’t able to last year.

Another bad air alert in my email … ugh.

Time to put the laundry in the dryer. I really need to get a clothesline …

I have searched for a retractable clothesline I want at Amazon, Overstock, eBay, Ace Hardware and Home Depot sites and can’t find what I want! Either the lines are too short or the housing is plastic! Will keep looking.

Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the ERS take over our cable TV to put up a child abduction alert before. But, it is going on now. Even the cable box digital channels say ERS. It’s for this baby:

FBI: 2-Year-Old Abducted By Father In Sac: A 2-year-old girl is considered missing and endangered, the FBI annou... 
My baby is home! I had to stop at Trader Joe’s first for a few things I forgot to get at the Co-op yesterday. Steven had never been in one. He seemed to like it. Then we went to pick up the boys. Ezra was bad! They said he was grumpy the whole time! Bruno was actually good! I thought maybe they had mixed them up! Nope. Ez is still in a bad mood! And, Ezra is heavier than his brother! He is 4.3 lbs. and Bruno 3.11 lbs. We were surprised about that as Bruno looks bigger.

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