Saturday, August 13, 2011

August 13, 2011

I cannot get into gear this morning …
Going to clean the doves’ cage now.

Finished the cage, let the doves fly around and vacuumed their room. Making icees for Nikky now.

Ick. Can’t stand Rick Perry.
Made a bunch of icees for Nikky. Made too much organic chicken broth for the little bone tray, so put the rest in a regular ice cube tray. Added raw chedder cheese chunks to each. Should be solid in a few hours so she can have one.
Also made some vanilla rooiboos sun tea. Should be ready in a couple hours, too.
Then I took my mom’s bedroom door down and sanded the bottom as much as I could before it started bothering me. Darn thing drags the carpet badly. But, after putting it back up, it still drags! I need to go through Papa’s tools and see if there is a plane in there that I can use. Will do that tomorrow. Kind of wheezy right now.

And, my mom is being a bitch again …

Gonna go through some more books today.

Unhealthy air alert again …

Already time for lunch. This day is going by too fast …

Went through a lot of books. Found lots of my aunt’s craft books. Some from the ‘50s. Some cool crafts I may want to try out in the future! Lots of keepers, but also a lot that I will be listing.

Well, I obviously didn’t get started on the bullwhip! Must do it first thing tomorrow!

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