Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 16, 2011

Got one store done here in Woodland. Wanted to make sure I got done in time to take my mom to her dr. appt. at 1:15 this afternoon. I hate when they don’t give her morning appts.

Bad air day.

I am so tired. It is so hot. Got home about an hour ago. Went to WalMart after her appt. Spent way too much, as always. Got a bunch of crappy food (hey, it was WalMart and not even a SuperWalMart …) But, yay! I got my mom off of Activia! She’s decided to try other brands. Of course, they only have Yoplait or Dannon there … crap ingredients. But, she is willing to try my kind next time I get it. She wants to try the sheep yogurt from Bellwether Farms!!!!! I’m shocked.

Got some good stuff in the mail, including the zeolite I ordered. I can make some toothpaste this weekend!! I already got the oils I want to use. I still want to get one of those little black jars, but will have to wait a while on that. I’ll just use a little Bell canning jar for now and put a cover around it to keep it dark. I also want to get a natural boar bristle wooden toothbrush. But, the only reasonably-priced source I have found so far is out of stock! Will keep looking.

I also got $35 dropped in my PayPal from surveys!! Yay! Hmmm. Will have to search eBay and some other places. Maybe I can get one of those jars …

Has anyone here made compost in the kitchen? Do you use a ceramic crock, metal bucket? What do you use?
I’ve been looking into this: http://www.biobagusa.com/combi.htm

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