Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19, 2011

Couldn’t sleep. Breathing is bad and Ezra kept making the chain from the ceiling fan bang against the wall in the birds’ room. Brat. So, I gave up.

Cool. My Hawaii books were chosen for a hand-picked list on Bonanza!
"Vintage Books on Hawaii - (3)" was added to the list "Hawiian Vacation" by metalsnpebbles.

Wow. I guess the way to get high scores on Mahjong Garden on Pogo is to play when you are half-asleep …

I have to get 3 stores done today in Sacramento. I don’t know how I’m going to do it …

Wow! I just won this for free, Doll House Bookcase

Everyone is up. Yay … not. I feel like crap.

OK. Feeling worse. Can’t even blow over about 150 on the peak flow meter. Emailed Viola and told her I’d do my stores on Monday …

This day sucks. I do have a load of laundry going. But, I can’t seem to do anything but check email, check tweets, check Listia (have some things I am going to bid on), play Mahjong & rest my head on my desk.

And, now my eyes are itching …

I hate borders. We all live on the same damn planet. Tired of these idiots arguing about it. And, I just read this great piece written by Carl Sagan that highlights what I believe in. Or, listen as he narrates.

Don’t know what to eat now. My mom ate my last hot dog bun and the last apple. So, have to rethink what to eat …

And, I’m getting an anoxic headache & I’m jittery from the damn Primatene pill … so, I am much grumpier than usual …

Wow! I just won this for free, BRAND NEW! COLEMAN Clothesline/Laundry Reel 21 ft. Strong Nylon

Gah. I need to get this crap out of my lungs. I don’t want another infection. Just no strength to cough it up.

I’m so bored …

One of the neighbors’ dogs has been barking almost non-stop for over three hours. I am so over it …

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